When you search for “psychics near me,” you can be overwhelmed with the results. And how do you know whether your search engine is really going to give you resources for psychic readings you can trust?

And then, you have to consider whether you feel more comfortable meeting someone in person or if it’s better to deal with a psychic online or on a phone call. 

To help you find a reliable source, we’ve researched dozens of psychics online and can now bring you the three best options.

Top 3 Psychic Services:

  1. Psychic Source – the long tradition of accurate and customer-oriented readings and services
  2. Oranum – with a user-friendly video platform and free video chat before signing up
  3. Kasamba – an affordable option with free trial offers and 24/7 service

Our Top Psychic Reading Services

1. Psychic Source

Psychic Source is one of the most established online psychic reading sites with over 30 years of experience providing phone, chat, and video readings. 

Most of that has come from phone call services, but Internet technology has allowed the company to expand its services in a more effective way. 

Psychic Source is also very selective when it comes to who they allow to join their network, and that gives you a list of hundreds of top-quality psychics to choose from.

The recommendations you get are based on customer reviews, which work similarly to the Amazon product rating system. You can list out those psychics who have achieved the highest and most consistent ratings. 

You also get to choose from the horoscope and tarot readings and even focus your search on certain specialties like love life, family, and pets. 

Prices for each psychic start at $1 per minute for video and phone psychics, but you can pay more for specific skills or experience levels. 

Psychic Source also has a great introductory offer where you get three minutes for free. And if you’re not entirely satisfied with your psychic reading online, then you can take advantage of their money-back guarantee. 

The only downside we noted is that some psychics don’t offer video readings but only phone or online chat. 


  • Psychics are available for phone, chat, and video readings
  • Choose from hundreds of psychics with verified customer ratings
  • Receive three free minutes when you sign up
  • Readings available from as little as $1 per minutes


  • Not all psychics are available for video readings

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2. Oranum

Oranum is another online psychic reading service that has become very popular with people who want to have a personal connection with a psychic through video readings. 

And there are plenty of comments online about the quality of the video being great, making it such a personal experience. 

The company has built a platform that allows users to engage with psychics in a safe environment, and it has one huge benefit over other services. 

Finding great psychic readings is a matter of finding a connection with a psychic. But you simply cannot tell before you meet someone whether you’ll have that connection. 

That’s something that holds a lot of people back when it comes to paying for online readings. 

Oranum has solved that problem by allowing you to have a quick video chat to “interview” a psychic and see if you can build that connection before you commit to a session. 

It’s a very clever way to gain more confidence in your decision to spend money for one of the hundreds of available psychics. 

You also get to choose from many different styles of psychic reading, whether that’s clairvoyant, tarot reading, or anything else you could wish for. 

Psychics are located around the world, but it’s easy to find someone who speaks your preferred language with the right types of reading skills. 

The only downside we found is that you have to use the video reading platform. There are no options for phone readings, which some people still prefer. 


  • Offers one of the widest-ranging choices for different reading skills and techniques
  • Choose from hundreds of psychics from near and far
  • Arrange a free chat with psychics before booking a sessions
  • High-quality video platform for a more personal experience


  • No phone reading services available

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3. Kasamba

The final service we recommend for psychic reading online is Kasamba, and it’s another one with over 20 years of experience on a proven platform. 

While it might initially look overwhelming, having a wide range of different reading styles, techniques and experiences is a huge advantage. It allows you to easily sort through the hundreds of psychic readers and filter out those with a price tag that you can afford. 

You also have the advantage that Kasamba has registered psychic readers all over the world, which means you can get access to readers 24/7. 

There’s a great introductory offer for those new to this service where you get the first three minutes for free and 50% off the first session you book. Most other companies only offer a few free minutes, so this is an appealing offer to try out the service. 

We also noticed that some of the most popular psychics have thousands of customer reviews, making it a lot easier to find those with the best skills. 

The main downside is that you don’t have the option to join a video reading to see the psychics. Some people find that gives them a much better connection for online reading, so keep that in mind before signing up. 


  • Find a psychic with the skills you’re looking for, and at a price you can afford
  • With psychics located around the world, you can get access 24/7
  • Get a great introductory offer with free minutes and discounts
  • Wide range of psychics with thousands of customer reviews


  • No video chat service available

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Online Versus Local Psychic

If you’re trying to choose between a local and online psychic reading, it’s important to consider these four factors. 

1. Convenience

When it comes to convenience, it’s simply not possible to beat being able to pick up your phone for a call or a video chat without needing to travel to someone’s house or business. 

And while you might build a connection with a psychic you go to more regularly, it’s possible to get the same with an online provider like those above. 

And once you have connected with a few psychics that you find particularly helpful, you’re not as restricted when it comes to booking a session. 

2. Trustworthiness

Many people choose local psychics based on the recommendations of a few friends or family. While you might find that you can trust those recommendations, you get a lot more confidence when seeing thousands of people’s reviews.

The online psychic readings listed above all have a system in place that allows users to rate their experiences. It’s very similar to how Amazon and eBay work, and you can see those psychics with the highest ratings. 

It’s also a system that provides a significant incentive for a good psychic reading experience. Psychics know that they will only receive good reviews if their clients are happy. 

3. Range Of Services

If you like switching between tarot reading, clairvoyants, and all the other types of skills, then you’ll probably struggle to find all of those with locally-based psychics.

With the above service providers, you can choose from hundreds of psychics, all with different skill sets, so you never run out of options. 

4. Prices

Finally, there’s the factor of paying for a psychic. 

Online systems like Psychic Source and Oranum make it easy for you to set a budget per minute and then choose how much time you want to book. 

This gives you a lot more flexibility to buy the best value for money within your budget. And prices can range from $1 per minute to over $10 per minute. 

Sign Up For Your Psychic Readings Online Today

Out of all the online customer reviews and the selection of high-quality psychics, we have concluded that Psychic Source is most likely the best possible option. 

It offers the widest range of phone, chat, and video readings along with an effective and trusted rating system. With skilled psychics in all reading skills and styles, you’ve got a very high chance of finding someone you can make a real connection with. 

Take the first step today and find accurate psychic readings that give you the greatest flexibility. 

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