Prostate 911 Reviews – PhytAge Labs Supplement Does It Work?

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a common condition that most men have to deal with as they get older. Your prostate gland will grow to the size of a lemon. It will block the bladder, which will disrupt urine flow. It will cause damage to the urinary tract. It will cause erectile dysfunction, bladder infection, and kidney problems. More than 50% of men suffer from BPH between the age of 50-60. It goes up to 90% as you get old.

But thanks to the Prostate 911 supplement, you no longer have to deal with BPH-related problems. And in this Prostate 911 review, I will tell you exactly why this solution is better than all the rest. Medicine companies produce a lot of prostate shortening drugs. But these drugs are not as effective as they tell us. Instead, they come with side effects like reduced sexual desire, semen reduction, and erection problems.

But if you use the Prostate 911 formula, you don’t have to worry about any side effects. This natural supplement is entirely safe and effectively reduces the size of your prostate. Visit The Official Website Of Prostate 911 Supplement To Learn More >>

What Is Prostate 911?

Prostate 911 is a natural dietary supplement that improves men’s prostate health. Prostate 911 supplement is developed by a well-known American company called Phytage Labs. They have the most advanced labs in America, which are FDA approved. Phytage Labs specializes in creating herbal medications that can cure the most untreatable diseases. They have top scientists from all over the world working on their supplements. Prostate 911 is one of their most selling medications that can treat BPH successfully without causing harm to your organs.

An enlarged prostate can be a very annoying thing to deal with. As you get older, the size of your prostate will grow bigger. It will block your urine and push it up to the urethra. As a result, your bladder will always be full of urine so, you need to pee constantly. This can cause a lot of trouble for your professional and social life. You will not get any work done since you will have to run to the washroom frequently. It is quite an embarrassing situation when you constantly have to pee while hanging out with your social group.

And it only gets worse from here since your huge prostate blocks the bladder preventing a chemical called cGMP from reaching the penis. cGMP is the reason why you get erections. So when it cannot get to your penis, you will have to deal with erectile dysfunction. Big Pharma pumps out millions of drugs each month to fix BPH but instead, they only cause impotence, so it will only make the situation worst.

But you don’t have to rely on these drugs anymore since Prostate 911 can shrink your prostate and treat all the symptoms of BPH. Prostate 911 contains two potent ingredients that can effortlessly decrease the size of your prostate, allowing you to empty your bladder and improve your sex performance. These natural ingredients are stinging nettle and saw palmetto. The manufacturer boosted the effectiveness of Prostate 911 by adding zinc, juniper berry, gravel root.

Thanks to Prostate 911, you don’t need to waste money on useless and harmful medications anymore. Prostate 911 will shrink your prostate in no time. So you can urinate freely without experiencing any pain. It will also improve your sexual functions and overall health. Prostate 911 has already helped thousands of men to get back control of their bladder.

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How Does Prostate 911 Work?

If you are wondering, “does Prostate 911 really work?” then you must read this part of the review carefully.

An enlarged prostate can cause many problems like the constant urge to pee, urinary tract, sexual dysfunctionality, kidney damage, to name a few. The only solution for BPH is Prostate 911. The natural ingredients of this supplement can resolve these issues.

Your prostate gland is between the bladder and the urethra. Your urine passes through the prostate and goes out of your penis. At a younger age, the size of your prostate is very tiny but, as you get older, the size of your prostate increases. It will get so big that it will start blocking the bladder. So the urine won’t be able to push through the urethra. This will cause your bladder to stay filled all the time. So now you will have to pee all the time, and you need to push harder than before because the big prostate reduces urine flow. So it will be a painful experience. Your enlarged prostate will prevent cGMP from leaving the bladder, which will lead to erectile dysfunction.

Prostate 911 combats these health issues by using a two-step solution. Prostate 911 uses two unique and powerful ingredients to reduce the size of your prostate and increase the production of cGMP. The first ingredient is called stinging nettle. This ingredient has prostate-reducing properties. It can reduce the symptoms of BPH by 93%. Many clinical trials indicate that stinging nettle can treat BPH symptoms more effectively than a placebo. This ingredient is excellent for treating urinary tract symptoms.

Saw palmetto is the second ingredient of Prostate 911. The prostate reduction abilities of Saw Palmetto are excellent. Scientists have labeled Saw Palmetto as the ultimate prostate shrinker. According to many clinical trials, Saw Palmetto reduced the prostate size by 53% and increased sexual functionalities by 40%.

Prostate 911 medication combines these two ingredients to create a hyper-efficient formula that will improve prostate health and rapidly reduce the size of the prostate, which will allow the urine to pass through your bladder without having to face a blockade. So, You don’t have to struggle to get an erection because there won’t be a large prostate stopping cGMP from entering your penis. Prostate 911 contains tons of other ingredients which will improve the overall health of men.

Prostate 911 will help you to get back your manhood. It will heal and shrink your prostate so you can sleep peacefully without having to rush to the toilet every hour. You can enjoy a healthy sex life even in your late 50s and get long-lasting, satisfying erections, all thanks to Prostate 911. You will get all of these benefits without having to deal with any adverse effects.

Prostate 911 Ingredients

Prostate 911 is an all-natural supplement that improves prostate health and sex functions. The ingredients used to create this supplement have prostate reduction capabilities. The two main ingredients of Prostate 911 are already mentioned in this review, but other ingredients help to boost the effectiveness of the Prostate 911 supplement. These ingredients are safe to use and tested in GMP-certified labs, and the efficacy of these ingredients is scientifically proven.

Stinging Nettle:

Stinging Nettle is known for its ability to eliminate urinary tract symptoms connected to BPH. It can reduce the size of the large prostate by 80%. This ingredient is being used for curing back pains since the time of the Pharaohs. It will boost your performance in bed. It contains many vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that can be beneficial for your health.

Saw Palmetto:

Saw Palmetto can shrink down the prostate gland by 50%. It contains vitamin K and vitamin E. These vitamins keep the prostate healthy. Saw Palmetto improves urinary tract functions and sexual interactions. It can also prevent hair loss.


Zinc can cure the urinary tract. It expands the urethral channel by stretching the muscle fibers. It eases the pain caused by an enlarged prostate. It improves the immune system so it can defend better against viruses and bacterias. Zinc has incredible healing properties.

Pygeum Africanum Bark Powder:

It reduces the prostate. This ingredient can treat prostate cancer. It eases the pain caused by kidney damage, inflammation, stomach ache, and urinary issues.

Broccoli Leaf Extract:

This ingredient contains phytochemical and sulforaphane which helps to kill cancer cells in the prostate. It improves prostate cells and treats BPH symptoms. It removes urinary infections.

Prostate 911 Benefits:

Prostate 911 has tons of health benefits, but I can’t possibly list all of them in a single review, so I will only point out the major ones-

  • Prostate 911 will shrink your prostate to a healthy functioning size.
  • It will improve your prostate’s health.
  • It will boost your sexual performance making your sex life more enjoyable.
  • It will help to flush out all the toxic components from the body.
  • It will give you a hard and longer-lasting erection.
  • It will fix your erectile dysfunctions.
  • It will cure your BHP-related symptoms.
  • It can remove your stress and anxiety.
  • It will allow your urine to flow more smoothly.
  • It prevents prostate cancer by destroying cancer cells.
  • It will relieve your kidney and prostate pain.
  • It will increase the production of cGMP in your body.

Prostate 911 is by far the best supplement for improving prostate health and reducing large prostate glands. If you stack this supplement with other medications like Prostate 911 vs. Prostagenix, you will see the difference between them.

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Pros And Cons Of Using Prostate 911

In this part of the Prostate 911 – Phytage Labs review, I will be highlighting the pros and cons of this supplement so the readers can better understand what they are getting.


  • Prostate 911 is a safe and natural supplement.
  • It has no side effects.
  • It is affordable.
  • You don’t have to constantly pee.
  • You will be able to sleep peacefully without having to wake up ten times to urinate.
  • It will provide a lot of energy for your body.
  • Prostate 911 has a lot of health benefits.
  • It will cure impotence caused by other drugs.
  • Prostate 911 tablets are easy to swallow.
  • Phytage Prostate 911 reviews are very positive.
  • This supplement has satisfied thousands of users.
  • You will get huge discounts if you buy more than one bottle of Prostate 911.
  • The manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • You can purchase Prostate 911 only on the official website.
  • It is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Prostate 911 Side Effects

Prostate 911 is a natural supplement. All the ingredients used to make Prostate 911 are hand-picked from nature. Making this supplement safe and side-effect-free. Prostate 911 is created and tested in FDA-approved and GMP-certified labs to make sure it’s safe. Prostate 911 was tested on many volunteers before releasing it for the public, and none of those volunteers showed any signs of side effects. Prostate 911 has thousands of users, and there is not a single reported complaint about dealing with side effects.

But you should still consult with your doctor before using Prostate 911. In case you have any severe health issues and taking meds for it. Make sure to go through the Prostate 911 dosage instructions and take it as recommended by your doctor.

Prostate 911 Where To Buy?

Prostate 911 is for sale on the official website, and it is never a good idea to purchase anywhere else other than a legit seller of the product.

Hence, Prostate 911 eBay and Prostate 911 CVS is not an option. You might be wondering why Phytage Labs only made it available for purchase on their official site. They did this, so the customers don’t get scammed when buying it from a local store or supermarket. Many counterfeit supplements are coming in from China. These fake supplements are very dangerous since they contain toxic chemicals. That is why the manufacturer suggests you buy Prostate 911 from the official online store at By visiting the website, you will come across the Prostate 911 Buy button, click which will take you to the page from where you can place your order.

Some unaware people end up purchasing these counterfeit supplements. They mistake it for the real supplement and write a negative review with a title like “Prostate 911 scam alert”. So avoid buying Prostate 911 eBay, Prostate 911 Walmart and Prostate 911 CVS products if you don’t want to get scammed. The original Prostate 911 is available on the official website. You can get massive discounts and a 90-day money-back guarantee if you buy it from the official store of the supplement.

How Much Does Prostate 911 Cost?

Prostate 911’s price is pretty low when compared to other prostate-shrinking medications. Perhaps, this is another of the reason why it is so popular. Currently, you will have three different offers to choose from.

(Prostate 911 supplement shipping available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand).

  • One bottle will cost $69.95.
  • Two bottles will cost $119.90. $59.95 per bottle. You can save $20 on this bundle.
  • Four bottles will cost $199.80. $49.95 per bottle. Save $80 on this bundle.

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Prostate 911 USA customers can enjoy free shipping. If you want to return the product, you can do so within 90 days after the purchase. You will get 100% of your money back, and the manufacturer will add an extra $100. If you have any Prostate 911 complaints, then feel free to contact support. They will provide you with their services 24/7.

Prostate 911 phone number – 1-800-822-5753.

Prostate 911 Email –

Prostate 911 Dosage

Prostate 911 comes in the form of easy-to-swallow pills. Each bottle of Prostate 911 contains 60 capsules. You need to take two pills each day to get results. Take one in the morning and another before going to bed at night. Use a glass of water to consume the pill, and you are good to go. You will start to get the desired results after completing the whole bottle which, will take one month if you follow the instructions correctly.

Prostate 911 Customer Reviews

Prostate 911 has hundreds and thousands of regular users all over the world. Many have shared their experience through Prostate 911 reviews. So let us have a look at some of the Prostate 911 independent reviews-

  • “I’ve been having a lot of trouble while peeing. All of a sudden, I keep having urges to pee quite often. Sometimes even 20 times a day. I am a school teacher, so it was getting embarrassing when I had to leave class 10 times to go to the toilet. And urinating was getting painful. So I started looking for a solution and found a supplement called Prostate 911. And after using it for three weeks, my constant urge to pee was gone. I was able to fully empty my bladder with one go thanks to Prostate 911.“Rodrigo, San Diego, California.
  • “My doctor told me that I had an enlarged prostate. That is why I was having issues while urinating. My doctor prescribed me some medications to fix this problem, but instead, it made things worse. These meds had serious side effects. After taking them, I was unable to get an erection. That’s one of the worst things that can happen to a man. But thank God I found Prostate 911 supplement that reduces my prostate, allowing me to pee freely and fixes my erectile dysfunction.“Morrison, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Prostate 911 Reviews – Final Verdict

Prostate 911 is incredible for the bladder, prostate health, and kidneys. Not to mention, you can kick your sex drive to the next gear and skyrocket your performance in bed. Prostate 911 is good for your overall health. The powerful natural ingredients of this supplement made it possible. It has earned the trust of thousands of satisfied users. And you get all the benefits of Prostate 911 for a low price of $69. Instead of wasting thousands of dollars on drugs that are riddled with side effects, try Prostate 911, the side-effect-free solution to your BPH issues.

We hope this Prostate 911 review has been helpful and informative. I have pointed out every last detail about this supplement. Now, it’s up to you to make the decision.

Prostate 911 FAQs

Is Prostate 911 Legitimate?

Yes, it’s a legit supplement developed by a well-renowned American company called Phytage Labs.

Is Prostate 911 Effective?

Yes, it’s a very efficient product. All the ingredients used to create this supplement have prostate reduction properties. These ingredients have been proven to be incredibly effective against dealing with BPH symptoms, according to many scientific trials and studies.

Is Prostate 911 FDA Approved?

The FDA doesn’t review dietary supplements like Prostate 911, but this supplement was manufactured in FDA-approved labs.

Prostate 911 Does It Work?

Yes, it certainly does. It has been recommended by many satisfied users. You will get the results within 3-4 weeks.

Where To Buy Prostate 911?

You can buy Prostate 911 from the official store –

Is Prostate 911 Available In South Africa?

Yes, Prostate 911 is available for sale in South Africa.

Is Prostate 911 Available In Australia?

Yes, It is.

Where To Buy Prostate 911 In Malaysia?

You can buy Prostate 911 from the official store if you are living in Malaysia.

Where To Buy Prostate 911 In Australia?

Prostate 911 Australian users can buy it from the official website. This supplement will be shipped and delivered anywhere in the world.

Where To Buy Prostate 911 In South Africa?

Prostate 911 South African users can place an order for the supplement from its official website. You will find a Prostate 911 For Sale South Africa Special Discount Price button clicking, which will take you to the page from where you can order.

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