Proper Loud Vice President Jake Moritt is Challenging Industry Standards and Trailblazing to the Top. 

For many, the title of a “triple threat” is a goal to strive for, but for Jake Moritt, it would appear he’s accomplished just that. From a beginning as a child actor to working behind the lens and now venturing into talent management, Moritt is proving he is capable of it all and more. 

Born and raised in the entertainment capital Los Angeles, Moritt found an early passion for the industry at just eight years old. He began acting at this time, landing his first major role in the HBO series “Unscripted.” This series, directed and produced by the likes of George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh, led to Moritt being recognized by the LA Times as the series breakout star. This recognition ultimately led to multiple offers for studio films. As he was still desiring a traditional childhood experience, Moritt ultimately turned down the offers to ‘just be a kid.’  

Moritt returned to working in the film industry after an eight-year break taking on the role of a production assistant for multiple series on ABC, Apple+, and The CW. While working as a production assistant, Moritt took a part on Lifetime’s “Growing up Supermodel” but eventually decided to return behind the camera and away from the spotlight. Moritt quickly advanced up the ranks to assistant directing for The Ninth House and ultimately by the age of 21 Line produced under the same umbrella for Showtime, Lifetime and Hallmark networks.

In 2018 Moritt began a new venture in music when he interned for Proper Loud, a talent management company. There he worked with Mams Taylor, who helped spark his interest and love for talent management and the music industry. Though he was successful in film, Moritt felt a pull towards this new venture and made the shift in focusing on a career in the music industry.  

While interning/assisting for Proper Loud, Moritt successfully navigated the new territory by bringing in new clients and brand deals which landed him a manager title. Moritt, under the leadership and guidance of Taylor, gained valuable connections with industry leaders and established essential business relationships. Throughout his time, Moritt secured large deals for his influencer clients with top brands such as Savage x Fenty, Fashion Nova, Depop, and Toshiba. 

Currently, at just 24 years old, Moritt is the current Senior Vice President of Proper Loud and one of the youngest executives in the industry. He is presently representing a diverse client list that includes 13x platinum and grammy-winning producer Diego Ave, worldly renowned comedian, influencer, and artist King Bach, YouTube sweethearts WillGotTheJuice and Olivia G0ld, and multiple Billboard smashing number ones writer Ivory Scott. 

In 2021 his clients secured multiple platinum and gold certifications, number one releases on Billboard and UK official charts, and a number one song on Tik Tok.   Already in Q1 of 2022 Jake has closed well over 7 figures in deals and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. Moritt has been praised by Proper Loud CEO Mams Taylor for his business savvy, stating, “Jake has absolutely blown me away with his work ethic, maturity, and pure drive.” Taylor went on to state, “He is destined for great things.” 

At present, Moritt has great ambition to sculpt Proper Loud into an industry leader in talent management. “I’d like to create a new vision for talent and management as well as set a precedent where management is seen as a partnership rather than the traditional model,” said Moritt. “Having the right team and representation can make or break someone’s career. I have no interest in breaking anything but the bank.”

LA Weekly