Profiles in Online Advertising: Taboola Publishers’ Resources

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The news industry has undergone unprecedented transformation over the last two decades. The internet has accelerated the pace at which news can be both created and accessed by readers, at the same time as print has been declining. 

However, with the pivot to digital, modern news organization must attract readership to stay afloat and it’s a numbers game – every 10% increase in overall web traffic (direct as well as referral traffic) to newspaper publishers’ sites leads only to an estimated 0.64% increase in their overall revenues. News outlets need a way to bring engaging content to their readers, keeping them on their sites and providing a positive user-experience. One company noteworthy for developing effective tools for publishers is Taboola, as will be examined below in the cases of the Post Internazionale, Fox Sports and Ynet News. 

The Post Internazionale, abbreviated as TPI, is an Italian online newspaper that wanted to increase revenue from sponsored content and engagement with organic content on all article pages on their website. 

After testing Taboola Feed, they witnessed a revenue increase and also noticed that readers were more willing to discover additional content and stay longer on site; all metrics which drive significant revenue growth. In addition to Taboola Feed, TPI used two additional features that Taboola offers their publisher partners—’Next Up’ and ‘Read More’—to increase user’s engagement with organic content. By the end of the partnership with Taboola, TPI had seen a 20% increase in revenue, as well as a 15% increase in the click-through rate (CTR) for sponsored content and a 30% increase in CTR for organic content.

Next, the case of FOX Sports Australia. FOX Sports is Australia’s leading producer of sports coverage, subscription television sports channels as well as its number one multi- sports website and app. Their aim was to achieve the right balance for organic content and sponsored content, while increasing revenue and engagement. By using a suite of Taboola products including Taboola Feed integrated on apps, Google AMP and their mobile site, as well as Taboola Newsroom, FOX saw a 37% increase in organic CTR and a 31% increase in traffic to recirculated organic content across all sites, and a 150% increase in mobile revenue.

Finally, Ynet, is the leading news site in Israel and has gained a place of honor among the Israeli public among its media peers. However, like other news organizations, it needed to go through an internal technological revolution: to implement technology that supported a positive user experience while achieving engagement and revenue goals. Ynet’s editorial team used Taboola Newsroom to test headlines and intelligently analyze the flow of traffic on their site in real-time. Mainly used for editorial strategy for Ynet’s front page, they were able to get maximum engagement from readers on their site’s premium real estate. 

These success stories demonstrate that news publishers should seriously consider tools and services like Taboola as part of their business strategy. With so much content online fighting for a user’s attention, the savvy digital business will take every advantage to provide the best, and most engaging, user experience possible. 

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