Professor Honey is Determined to Close the Wealth Gap Among Classes

It may seem that Professor Honey has achieved overnight wealth, but she knows all too well that it wasn’t always that way and now she’s on a mission to help thousands of other people close the gap on financial wealth just as she did.

Born in New Haven, Conn., Honey was raised by a single father who valued a good education and encouraged her to attain academic success. She not only found academic achievement, but she surpassed it, earning a B.A. from Spelman College Magna Cum Laude, an M.S in Education from University of New Haven Suma Cum Laude, in addition to being an Alumni for Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business and an Alumni for Leading Educators.

Honey has done it all. She has been a teacher, restauranteur, investor, model, actress, and is now a serial entrepreneur. She is even fluent in Japanese and, at one point, served as a translator for the Japanese Consulate in Kawaguchi, Japan.

One other thing her father instilled in her was the importance of good credit. “Keep it HIGH,” her father said. Unfortunately, even with the knowledge that good credit would help in her endeavors, Honey experienced one of the most humbling and expensive lessons an entrepreneur could encounter, losing everything.

Years of investing and starting successful businesses including a restaurant and a boutique B&B, could not prepare her for failing the most important thing her father taught. After a real estate deal gone sour, Honey found herself on a friend’s couch, homeless and penniless-watching her good credit tank. And although her mother wasn’t in the household with Honey growing up, she became an integral part of Nerissa’s life when things took a turn for the worst. She is one who became Honey’s backbone and encouraged her to keep fighting.

It was that experience that created a shift in her and inspired her to learn everything she could about credit, both personal & business, and become a financial expert. She was able to improve her credit, in the low 500’s to a 780. She had previously thought that wasn’t even possible.

Professor Honey wanted to help others do what she did so she founded her credit and financial company that not only teaches people about personal credit and business credit but also helps restore an individual’s credit with her team of financial experts.

A Path to Financial Freedom

Professor Honey’s Credit and Funding Hive is comprised of financial experts  help a person’s credit score go up anywhere from 20 points up to 200 points. The Credit and Funding Hive team have strategies for all three credit reporting institutions: Experian, Equifax, and Transunion, to cut through the mounds of red tape creditors have amassed to keep people financially unhealthy, with tons of negative items and high interest debt.

Not only does the Credit and Funding Hive team review the reports but they give the clients a customized plan of attack to improve their scores and then the team gets to work on getting those scores higher. Those who participate in Professor Honey’s Credit & Funding Hive have membership to the Personal Credit and Business Credit Programs as well as VIP membership to the Affiliate Program where passive income potential averages about 6k/month.

For many, the Professor Honey credit program is the key to vanquishing negative debt and taking back control of their personal credit. It’s also a way to learn how to establish good business credit and keep it from affecting a person’s individual credit while simultaneously accessing business trade lines and funding.

“We’re closing the gap between the poor and medium classes,” said Honey. “We educate people on how they can leverage their personal credit for home investment opportunities and their business credit to access funding. It’s all about building yourself up financially in both sectors.”

Honey believes that no matter how bad the credit situation may be, there is always something her team can do to help. A few of the financial problems the Professor Honey credit program works with:

  • Foreclosures
  • Bankruptcies
  • Public records
  • Collections

However, the program is not a quick fix. Bad credit generally doesn’t happen overnight, thus restoring it won’t happen overnight either. Honey said some people see higher scores in about 30 days but for the best results, it can take anywhere from six to nine months.

Restore, Resources, and Funding, the Professor Honey Way

Professor Honey understands that bad credit can lead a person to feel hopeless when trying to start a new business.

“I am a resource for funding & lending and I want people to come to me when they’re seeking financial freedom,” she said.

Over the last two years, Professor Honey has helped thousands of people restore credit, establish business credit, build their businesses, and create new opportunities for passive income to bring about full financial freedom.

About Professor Honey

Professor Honey is the founder of the Credit and Funding Hive, helping thousands of people restore their credit and get the funding they need to build their businesses and establish opportunities for passive income. She has been featured on, Ebony, and Atlanta Black Star. Click here to learn about her program:

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