Probably Nothing Combines NFTs With Metaverse Education for the Masses

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The blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse are all breakthrough technological advances that are quickly shaping the future of many industries. These emerging technologies come with daily headlines that sow the seeds of doubt amongst the masses – bombarding them with news that hyperbolizes negative downtrends and deliberately overlooking any positive news. It’s precisely these editorial echo chambers that send the wrong message to people: that NFTs and the metaverse are fads that are run by charlatans. The reality is far, far from the rumors – and luckily, Probably Nothing is here to empower people through Web3 education.

With a lack of understanding of NFTs and the blockchain overall comes a lack of appreciation – which in turn leads to disregard or even worse, an aversion towards the two. Much of the way Web3 will elevate the average person’s life, will revolutionize industries, and will provide new experiences is because of the blockchain and NFTs. It’s only right that people are taught how all this new technology works and why it’s important. Media brands like Probably Nothing are committed to educating the average person about just that – helping enlighten them as we all dive into this new space together as a global community.

Probably Nothing is the leading Web3 educational media brand committed to educating people on NFTs and other aspects of Web3 to help encourage their wide adoption and use across the world. The media house was born out of a need to solve two underlying problems prevalent today: a lack of proper information, and the spread of misinformation. Probably Nothing seeks to be the voice of reason in this ever-evolving industry, misrepresented by clickbait headlines promoting stories that only feature scams. The team at Probably Nothing knows firsthand that Web3 is new, intimidating, and poorly presented to the average person – and that’s why they’re here to help.

Probably Nothing approaches news and editorial content from a fresh and relatable perspective – priding themselves on a “friend teaching another friend” point-of-view. Their work shifts the spotlight to all the good in Web3: charities, projects that change peoples’ lives for the better, and the overwhelming positive and supportive Web3 community that serves as the current core of the industry’s culture. Additionally, Probably Nothing’s team is focused on providing education in layman’s terms, layering tutorials and “how to” pieces with relatable real-life examples and showcasing groundbreaking announcements that will help people understand the space as it evolves.

The team at Probably Nothing cultivates confidence and trust in its audience by providing collaborative content with recognizable public personalities. Probably Nothing has created and provided content in partnership with celebrities, Web3 authorities, tech innovators, and artists from all walks of life to showcase different perspectives. The team recently successfully shot and produced a digital series that will feature celebrities and Web3 experts from different industries, showcasing cultural conversations about NFTs and the metaverse – and educating and entertaining folks at the same time. Probably Nothing also launched a campaign with artists for International Women’s Day.

Community will continue being an important aspect of Web3, fueling more project developments as time goes by. Probably Nothing believes that Web3 as a whole is already radically transforming every industry imaginable, altering the cultural zeitgeist as we know it and lending humankind a helping hand to rediscover the significance of community. Community-centered projects foster a reappreciation for community – and it’s this phenomenon that runs Web3, overall.

Probably Nothing’s role in community-building is bridging the knowledge gap between the early adopters of Web3 and the masses. The team hopes to connect everyday people to this rapidly-expanding space, ensuring they’re well informed and equipped with knowledge and the skills to enrich and elevate their lives.

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