*Both these talented beings have made it huge in their respective industries and earned massive momentum with their innate skills and expertise.*

You know something buzzworthy happens when two astute minds meet each other and talk at length about their respective industries. This has what happened recently when a young digital marketer, successful entrepreneur and founder named Nishant Piyush of Dubai’s Prike Media happened to meet one of the most sought-after DJing artists of Dubai named DJ Shadow Dubai. Both these young talents bumped into each other and were seen discussing things about their industry and the like.

It is great to see how prominent figures from different sectors and niches come together and discuss various things that show their concern for growth in their respective industries and how they plan to take it forward. Speaking about Nishant Piyush, he is a skilled digital marketing professional and entrepreneur who recently has initiated his digital marketing agency named Prike Media in Dubai. With this, he has become an expert in social media, SEO, PR and so much more.

The young entrepreneurial talent is also known for collaborating with many other talents from different fields and creating a stronger professional relationship to create more buzz around them and strengthen their brand image. On the other hand, DJ Shadow Dubai is also a prominent figure in the DJing world, who has spellbound people with his skills as a record producer and sound engineer as well.

DJ Shadow Dubai had earned great recognition when he came up with the hit track ‘Slowly Slowly’ with Guru Randhawa and Pitbull, which earned them over 200 million views on YouTube. He began his career at a very early age and started with producing tracks and performing at clubs. Later, he even excelled at remixing songs from Bollywood, which further attracted more attention from people.

Dubai is known to be a place filled with immense opportunities and possibilities. Nishant Piyush said that he felt amazed with DJ Shadow Dubai and found it to be a surreal meet.

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