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If you need something to take care of those pesky stretch marks, look no further than Skinomatics Body Oil.

When you are pregnant, you are often too busy dealing with the aches and pains that did not use to be there to think about your skin. The problem that so many women worldwide face is the inability to have quite the same body after giving birth, and a big part of that is your skin.

As a rule, a young mum worries about her stomach. Not everyone can spring back into shape in a few short weeks. Not everyone can get their figure back full stop… However, Skinomatics have worked hard in the lab to formulate a unique, naturally Omega-rich nourishing body oil that helps to elasticize the skin. 

Why would you need this as a young mum? This revolutionary new product will allow you to have that firm stomach skin that you used to have before you got pregnant. It is not an overnight miracle cream, and it does work best if used during the pregnancy instead of after, but it does work wonders to help get some of your confidence back.

Let us face it, being a mum does things to our bodies we would instead it did not do… but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to change them. There are many small ways we can make things easier on ourselves – and our bodies – as new mums. One of those things is to invest in Skinomatics – but what else can we do?

Skinomatics: Minimize your Stretchmarks in 3 Easy Steps

There are only three easy steps to using our top selling creams to get back the body of your youth. Let us talk about skincare… how do you minimize stretch marks when pregnant? Follow these instructions for minimal mummy tummy.

Step 1 – Cleanse

Before you apply our luxurious skincare creams, you need to cleanse the area. Typically, the young or expecting mother will apply our body oil over a bump, so ensure that you clean it thoroughly. Importantly, you can use Skinomatics anywhere that stretchmarks are likely to develop, so do not forget to put it over your hips and thighs, too.

Step 2 – Moisturize

When you are all clean and dry, spend a few moments massaging our Omega-enriched, naturally high collagen cream all over the bump and the desired areas. This will result in a high elasticity of the skin and a lessened appearance of any scars and stretchmarks. 

Step 3 – Repeat! 

Next time you come out of the bath or shower, simply repeat this process. We suggest using our Skinomatics body oil anything up to three times a day to keep those troublesome areas soft, supple, and springy. 

No More Stretchmarks for Los Angeles Mums!

If you follow these steps and keep Skinomatics close to your hand, you should come through the pregnancy with minimal stretch marks. If you choose to start using Skinomatics body oil after your pregnancy, you should notice a difference within a few weeks of use. 


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