Pratulya Sharma shares his thoughts on social media prevention from cyber hacking.

This young Indian talent has shown his excellence as a digitalpreneur with his company, SC Media and Technologies Pvt Ltd.

The kind of growth and the level of development certain industries and sectors around the world have shown have totally astonished people in ways more than one. This has been a result of not just the endless efforts and pristine visions of entrepreneurs and experts around industries but, most importantly, the advent of the digital world and the world of tech. A combination of the two led to social media platforms, upon which most of our lives are dependent on today. However, with various boons, there are several banes that come hand-in-hand, and in the case of social media platforms, the various hacking and phishing attacks are those banes. Pratulya Sharma, a well-known young digital marketer and CEO of SC Media and Technologies Pvt Ltd, has come forward today to share his thoughts on social media prevention from cyber hacking.

Pratulya Sharma says that though social media has let the world come together through simple clicks on mobile phones, it has also welcomed several risks, such as social media scams. Hence, social media security is of prime importance today as it will help in keeping people’s personal information private and accounts safe from the wrong people and activities. Below are a few of his tips –

  • Be aware of messages:

People sometimes unknowingly open direct messages thinking of just any advertisement that they can delete immediately, but this often leads to opening suspicious links. Phishers generally find out who a person would expect to receive a mail/message from and use that to get in.

  • Keep the phone secured:

Always it isn’t just the scammers on the web; sometimes, people’s phone can also land them in trouble if it is not kept secured enough. If the phone gets stolen, strangers can obtain their email addresses, can enter social media accounts, change passwords, and misuse the same. Hence, a passcode lock on the phone is a must.

  • Use unique passwords:

It is recommended to always use different passwords for different social media accounts, as using the same or similar ones can make it easy for hackers to gain access to accounts and obtain personal information.

  • Keep profile information private:

People often post information about them more than what is required. Hackers wait for such opportunities and gain access to their accounts and personal information. Hence, people must keep their profiles or most of their information private to keep safe for phishing activities and cyber-attacks.

Pratulya Sharma (@pratulya_) is a well-recognized name in the social media and whole of the digital marketing realm, and with his company, SC Media and Technologies Pvt Ltd, he has garnered massive momentum, enormous clients, and excellent recognition in the industry.

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