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On the rise in Los Angeles, Scotty Chickens, a 29 year-old self-made entrepreneur and wife Baby Gemini have been taking over the Hip-Hop and OnlyFans scene as of early 2021, collaborating on a variety of their ambitions and synergistically working together to blaze a trail through every major aspect of the modern entertainment business. As of recently, Scotty has been honing in on his music production and modelling ventures while also running a record label, a YouTube channel and 0.5% OnlyFans account in a joint venture with his partner. Scotty’s wife Gemini is an upcoming rapper and premium OF content creator working under the pseudonym “Baby Gemini”. Together, the power couple are rising to the top in the world of Hip-Hop and OnlyFans, with big plans for the future ahead of them.

Scotty and Gemini first encountered each other in 2018 while networking in Las Vegas, both seeking to advance their careers. Shortly after meeting, the two quickly become attached but separated soon after due to a falling out. After some time spent apart, Scotty felt the need to reconnect with Gemini over social media on new terms, suggesting that they leave their past behind them and start a new chapter together. The two rekindled and have been inseparable ever since, banding together to become an influential couple and partners in business.

Despite his current success. Scotty has encountered a variety of roadblocks on his journey to get to where he is today, and credits Gemini for helping him work through his past and onto their future. Scotty Chickens has muscled his way through a number of issues that would have broken the confidence and determination of most. From being stabbed in the back by lifelong friends to being incarcerated and losing valuable time, Scotty has never let bad situations get the best of him and always pushed forwards. “It’s important to remain focused on your long-term vision with a goal of becoming the greatest possible version of yourself”.

As Scotty’s popularity has begun to rise, he has discovered that some of his previous role models have a disdain for him. Scotty’s closet is filled with many products from a premium clothing company, known as Vlone, showcasing shirts and shoes worth thousands of dollars. Though he has consistently supported the brand and its products, recently the co-founder of Vlone A$AP Bari dissed Scotty over Instagram, calling his merchandise fake. This altercation gave him the perfect mix of emotions to craft his new single: REAL V.S. FAKE. Through all of Scotty’s past experiences, he has never stopped building his future and hopes to influence his fans and foes alike to be relentless and unwavering with their dreams just like him. 

“My newest album, STAREATER, was completely influenced by our day to day lives together.” Scotty’s most recent release, STAREATER, delves deep into his emotions and time spent with his wife. He gives thanks to Gemini as his main muse and source of inspiration for the album. Featuring 9 songs and lasting 22 minutes, the album is a necessary listen for any Hip-Hop fan. Baby Gemini has also dropped a single earlier in February, called Ms. Pretty Pussy, following the release of her debut EP, Gem Gang. Scotty Chickens has gained a lot of traction over the past year,  being featured on the Danny Mullen Podcast a number of times to discuss the events in his life and his feelings around recent events in the media and world.

Scotty’s recent diss track single, REAL V.S. FAKE received over 20,000 views from an audience of over 134k subscribers on his YouTube channel. Baby Gemini, who is signed under Scotty’s record label, also released a music video for her single, Ms. Pretty Pussy, attracting over 7,500 hits. Moving forwards, the two will be continuing to work together in the world of music and through their premium OnlyFans portal, where their videos have led them to rise to the 0.5% of adult creators on the platform. The power couple hopes to inspire others to build a synergistic relationship with their other half and work together to rise to the top.


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