Potentially Therapeutic THC? — A Few Possible Benefits Of Delta-8

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In a nutshell

Delta-8 THC has a reputation for being used recreationally. While it’s true many customers use delta-8 to get a “legal high,” some scientists believe this cannabinoid may have valid therapeutic potential.

Unfortunately, since the data on delta-8 is so scarce, there’s still a great deal we don’t know about this cannabinoid’s potential uses. However, recent studies and anecdotal reports strongly suggest delta-8 is way more than a legal way to “get stoned.”

A Few Potential Benefits Of Delta-8 THC

The “Safer High?” — Delta-8’s Less Intense Side Effects

Ironically, one of the key features in delta-8’s favor is its “lack” of potency. Compared with delta-9 THC, delta-8 doesn’t seem to bind as aggressively with the brain’s CB1 receptors. This makes delta-8 less psychoactive versus delta-9.

At face value, delta-8’s “reduced high” may seem like a negative feature. In reality, this lack of psychoactivity is a crucial reason many researchers are interested in delta-8.

True, delta-8 won’t “hit as hard” as a delta-9 product, but that also means there’s less risk for side effects. According to a trial from the University of Buffalo, over 70 percent of delta-8 users don’t report side effects like paranoia or intense anxiety. This led researchers to conclude delta-8 may offer many of delta-9’s positive features without the risk of adverse reactions.

Patients who struggle with medical marijuana may be able to handle low doses of delta-8 THC. There also seems to be less risk recreational users will succumb to serious side effects.

Delta-8’s Substantial Stress Relief

You don’t need to be a cannabinoid expert to know most people use cannabis for stress relief. Delta-9 THC can induce a deep sense of euphoria, but its high potency could result in side effects like paranoia.

In fact, recent research into delta-9 for stress relief shows this cannabinoid works best as microdoses. For instance, a groundbreaking study out of the University of Illinois found that tiny doses of delta-9 THC were more effective against stress than placebo pills or high doses of delta-9.

What does this news have to do with delta-8? Well, remember delta-8 isn’t as psychoactive as delta-9. So, even at moderate doses, delta-8 customers may experience THC’s stress-relieving properties without the risk of adverse reactions.

Delta-8 May Improve Sleep Quality

Another way delta-8 may reduce stress is by enhancing sleep quality. Scientists are well aware that delta-9 THC makes it easier to fall asleep. So, it’s unlikely delta-8 wouldn’t share this property.

However, many delta-9 strains have the opposite effect on users. If people use sativa-rich cannabis hybrids, there’s a good chance they could feel an energy boost after their session.

On the flip side, most customers who take delta-8 claim it has reliably “indica” effects. For those who aren’t aware, indica cannabis strains are closely associated with relaxing “body-heavy” sensations. It’s more likely a delta-8 extract will make users feel ready for bed, especially at higher doses.

As more researchers focus on this widely-reported feature, delta-8 may become a more attractive natural sleep aid.

Whet Your Appetite With “Diet Weed”

“The munchies” is arguably pot’s most parodied side effect. However, for people with extreme nausea, weed’s appetite stimulation is no joke!

According to most researchers, delta-9 THC helps intensify the flavor and aroma of food, which may be why even junk food tastes delicious after smoking a joint. There’s also evidence that THC increases the production of ghrelin, which is a hormone most responsible for hunger.

Interestingly, Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School found that low doses of delta-8 THC increased appetite in a rat model. If these findings are confirmed, it may help patients who want THC’s appetite stimulation without delta-9’s side effects.

Remember: Non-Tested Delta-8 Will Never Have Benefits!

Delta-8 THC may have as much therapeutic potential as CBD. However, customers won’t experience any of the potential benefits listed above if their delta-8 comes from a low-quality source.

The best way to verify your delta-8 is legit is to ask for third-party lab testing results. These Certificates of Analysis will clue you in on just how pure your delta-8 extracts are.

For more information on how to read hemp-related COAs, you’ve got to check out the resources on Real Tested CBD. Although “CBD” is in our name, we take great care to analyze all aspects of hemp, including delta-8 brands.

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