Portland Leather Goods Brings the Finest Full Grain Leather Bags to the Public

With fast fashion on the rise, there’s a demand for a more sustainable approach to style. If you’re on the lookout for a quality leather bag that is ethically sourced and produced, look no further than Portland Leather Goods (PLG). Portland Leather Goods, based in Oregon, is one of the fastest-growing bag companies in North America. The company makes handmade totes, purses, leather journals, backpacks, and other leather goods with the finest craftsmanship.

With a team that values exceptional standards in quality, PLG has built an excellent reputation in the world of leather goods. With their full-grain leather—six times stronger than buffed, upholstery, or genuine leather—PLG produces the most robust and durable products on the market. Their leather is sourced from the byproducts of the US beef industry, ensuring that materials that would otherwise go to waste are used. Across the country, PLG products are celebrated for their unmatched quality leather at an affordable price that is guaranteed to last and look beautiful for years.

Since its inception, PLG has served hundreds of thousands of happy customers and has grown to become more than just a renowned manufacturer of fine leather goods and bags. There is now a thriving community of loyal customers who love and support the brand. Having a digital presence is also essential for any business, and PLG has a strong online presence with thousands of followers on social media, over one hundred thousand 5-star ratings, fifty thousand or more insiders, and thousands of users submitting positive reviews.

PLG’s stellar success can be attributed not only to the excellence of its leather goods but also to its classicdesigns. There is a timeless look to their products that only seems to improve with age, given the leather quality. As such, PLG has broken sales records at art fairs and exhibitions, winning a spot in the hearts of many handbag lovers.

PLG built and now operates an artisan workshop, The Studio, located in León, Mexico, which is close to two of the most award-winning tanneries in North America. The investment in the León community and proximity to the tanneries ensures a lower environmental impact, allowing the company to foster better relationships with every step of its supply chain. As a result, PLG is already making a difference in the lives of people and communities, and its dedication to quality, sustainability, and community will only increase that impact.

Moving forward, PLG’s goal remains to create simple, quality leather bags that everyone can afford and enjoy. The company is also looking to expand its products to the apparel and accessories categories. It plans to follow the same mantra of making high-quality, classically-designed products from long-lasting natural materials that last a lifetime and improve with time.

With raving fans and products that virtually fly off the shelves, the company has decided to expand into footwear through its sister company, Patina. According to PLG’s CEO Curtis Matsko, “With Patina, we are following the same business model and making the best leather boots and shoes people can buy at this price point. We work with the same factories as brands twice as expensive as us.”

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