As we’ve written about before, pop-up environments are here to stay. Evolving from marketing and promo set-ups into selfie-driven social media havens, these arty amusements have exploded and their themes seem endless. From the “Museum of Ice Cream” to Happy Place to Candytopia, these installation-packed destinations are all about immersing yourself and yes, taking pics while doing so. Pop-ups are less about the real life experience and more about the FOMO-inducing photos (in real time and days later), so we always cover them with this in mind. Instagram selfies, Twitter pics, Snapchat clips and Facebook videos are part of what makes online platforms fun these days for many, and some pop-ups definitely provide better photo ops than others.  

(Courtesy of World of Fruit)

World of Fruit, across the street from Pink’s Hot Dogs on La Brea Avenue, is the perfect pop-up for summer. A vibrant multi-room experience celebrating all things fruity and fresh, the pop-up offers eight interactive installations inspired by nature’s candy. There’s a funky disco pineapple room (complete with flashing lights and thumping music), a mirrored space full of light-up “grapes” that change color and yield some pretty psychedelic selfies, a heavenly berry room lit like an atmospheric Garden of Eden, and the ubiquitous playroom and ball pit meant to jump in and play in (not sure what fruit it reps but we think it involves seeds).

(Courtesy of World of Fruit)

As with most of these pop-up environments, some installations are hits and some are misses. The polka dot banana installation here is probably the weakest, but the watermelon room makes it up for it, and then some. It is truly a site to behold, all bright red and green with swings, a seesaw and an ice cream truck serving yummy watermelon popsicles.  It feels like the set from some trippy children’s show and it’s genuinely a hoot to hang in even without photo-taking. But you’ll want to ⁠— nearly every angle in here shoots well (wear red for an extra sassy shot), making the area pretty much worth the price of admission alone.

(Courtesy of World of Fruit)

But there is more. Plenty of tasting elements are available throughout and they rival those at Candytopia and Museum of Ice Cream. Plus, these are goodies you can feel good about consuming. They also serve unusual stuff so you’ll probably get to try something you never tasted before. Rare and exotic fruits are shared depending on what is seasonal. Everything is quite delicious and highlights the experience in an educational way as the staff are trained to answer questions about what you’re eating.

At World of Fruit,  you get the feeling the creators really do love everything in the building, which makes the experience feel a little more worthwhile, especially if you have kids.  They also donate to charitable partners, giving a portion of ticket sales to Food Forward, Habitat LA, and Imperfect Produce for the LA Food Bank.

World Of Fruit, 716 N. La Brea Ave.; Tue.-Thu., noon-8 p.m., Fri., 11 a.m.-9 p.m. and Sat.-Sun., 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Ticket are $35 and free for children 4 and under.


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