PLUS products raise you up during life’s highs and help you unwind when you’re in need of respite, allowing you to achieve mind-body harmony when you need it most. 

Treat yourself to the best CBD and THC has to offer with our picks for PLUS top ten products for the season: 

  1. For Halloween Candy Lovers: PLUS CBD Balance Gummies

With 50mg of CBD per gummy and 700mg of CBD per tin, these blueberry gummies are the perfect treat to satiate your sweet tooth at any time. You can enjoy these THC-free CBD gummies whenever and wherever you want without worrying about any psychoactive effects. 

  1. When Holiday Excitement Keeps You Up: PLUS CBD Sleep Gummies

We love Fall. Sometimes the anticipation of all the fun activities that come with the season gets us a little too wired to sleep, which is why we are thankful for these yummy blackberry and lemon tea gummies that are infused with 25mg of CBD and 1mg of Melatonin. 

  1. For Your Best Halloween Party to Date: PLUS Cannabis Infused Uplift Gummies

These sour watermelon treats are just the thing to ensure your Halloween is spectacularly spooky. With 5mg of THC and <0.1mg of CBD per long-lasting gummy, they are sure to help you make some euphoric memories. 

  1. When Holiday Stress Gets the Best of You: PLUS Cannabis Infused Balance Gummies

Sometimes holiday planning can get to be a little much. Whether you are stressed about your schedule or trying to find the perfect costume, PLUS sour blueberry gummies with 3.5mg of THC and 1.5mg of CBD per gummy will support a better mental equilibrium. 

  1. For a Cozy Fall Nap: PLUS Cannabis Infused Unwind/Sleep Mints

Black cherry flavored, these mints contain 2.25mg of THC and 0.25mg of CBD and are just what you need for a great nap. Delivering a more immediate cannabis experience, you’ll feel the full effects within fifteen to thirty minutes, diminishing after one to two hours. 

  1. When You Need to Recharge: PLUS Cannabis Infused Sleep Gummies

Sometimes a nap just isn’t enough and you need a full on hibernation in order to feel like yourself again. If you’re looking to catch some serious z’s, look no further than these blackberry and lemon gummies infused with 4.5mg of THC and 0.5mg of CBD. Effects last up to five hours!

  1. For Baking the Perfect Fall Treat: PLUS Cannabis Infused Balance Mints

Planning on trying out some new recipes? Not only do these mints act as a palate cleanser, but they contain 1.75mg of THC and <0.1mg of CBD, giving you the pleasant focus needed to make your best batch yet. 

  1. When You Have a Date Planned for the Pumpkin Patch: PLUS Cannabis Infused Uplift Mints

Fast-acting, these orange mints act as the perfect ice-breaker with 2.5mg of THC and <0.1mg of CBD per mint. Not only will they freshen your breath, they’ll uplift your spirits and elevate your senses as well, putting you in a great mood.

  1. For Trick-or-Treating: PLUS CBD Uplift Gummies

Whether you are taking the kids or handing out candy, by eating these an hour or two before your plans you’ll achieve a sustained bliss that’ll make a fun night even more enjoyable. Non-intoxicating, these gummies contain 50mg of CBD and Vitamin B – lifting you up and keeping you going. 

  1. When You Want Something Tailored To Your Needs: PLUS Purpose-Driven Products

PLUS is all about finding your “just right.” As complicated as the world of cannabis can seem, these products make finding the right supplement simple. Whether you are looking for straight CBD or a CBD/THC mix, you can be confident that PLUS will deliver the best, low-dose edible precisely calibrated for a consistent experience. Whether it is vitality you’re looking for or just relaxation and peace of mind, PLUS has something for everyone. 

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