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Trading stocks is one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn money and create wealth. There is unlimited potential on how much you can make from trading stocks. Your ability to predict the stocks and make the right call is what separates you from the rest. The stock market is not for everyone and you need to be a risk-taker to withstand the market volatility. Most importantly, it narrows down to how committed and what you are willing to put into the learning phase to get started.

Getting an expert who is committed and patient enough to teach you the dynamics of the industry is hard. The majority of the experts shy away from tutoring others as they fear dragging them to possibly their downfall if all goes amiss. Some are just too busy and committed to their own trades that they don’t have the time to educate others.

Matlock, a self-taught stock trader, wants to give back to the community despite the highly busy schedule he finds himself in. He capitalizes on his social media reach to share educational content with his followers. He engages his followers who seek professional advice on how to handle different situations. He offers all this valuable information free of charge. Some people question his decision as to why he does all this for free, but he has never thought about charging for his services to the community. His greatest motivation is to create a community for everyone as there are a lot of paid services already available for the masses.

Matlock founded Atlas Trading with his friends to gather traders from all over the world and establish a community of learning and growth. Atlas Trading is among the most prominent stock trading chat rooms globally and has over 250,000 members. Joining Atlas Trading is free, and they offer their members a lot of resourceful content to educate them more on stocks. Matlock oversees the daily operation of the chat room, provides useful insights, and shares his stock picks. You can follow him on Twitter to regularly get his stock choices.

Matlock emphasizes that stock trading is a skill that you should learn from the best. Beginners should focus more on learning and understanding the basics of the market rather than rush to make money. It is not an easy path and everyone should tread with caution. He urges his followers to ensure they focus on consistency and not simply on hitting big home runs.

His journey to success was not easy. He fumbled and learned from his mistakes. Seeing other people make it big is what kept him going despite the numerous failures. He finally made it and has learned a lot from the journey. Matlock is more than confident that understanding the trade dynamics will certainly reap big benefits. He has grown from making consistent losses to more than 200 days of consistent profit-making without making a loss on any single day.

He is active on Instagram and Facebook where you can reach out to find more about him and Atlas Trading.

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