Pet owners around the world want the best for their pets. For some, dogs are like family members and deserve to be treated as such. This includes giving them unique accessories and clothing options to help them look their best. Taking your dog on a walk can be a mini fashion show if you have the right outfit, leash, and collar.

However, there can be a lack of unique options at some stores. Pink Papyrus founder Christine Abdelmalek has seen many pet owners with their dogs on dull, boring leashes because they didn’t have many other chocies. Pink Papyrus aims to change this, and is on a mission to design high-quality, lovely leashes and accessories for dogs.

How Pink Papyrus Was Conceived

While her career started behind a pharmacy counter, Christine always had the urge to pursue something that her inner creativity could thrive in. She wasn’t sure what form this would take, so she focused on building her career in the sciences.

When Christine married a veterinarian, little did she know this would set the stage for the founding of Pink Papyrus. She was regularly surrounded by pets, and taking her dog on a walk meant that she came across many other dog owners.

Seeing ordinary, boring leashes on pets around the city sparked Christine’s creativity. Why couldn’t these accessories be unique and reflect the owner’s style? Christine finally found a project in which to invest her colorful, artistic side: creating fashionable pet products loved by pet owners.

Pink Papyrus came into being when Christine unleashed her creativity to create beautiful pet accessories that allow pets to demonstrate their individuality. Between her flair for style and love for animals, Christine wanted to give pet owners the opportunity to celebrate their pet in a unique way.

Function Meets Style

Christine’s love for color and design became the driving force in creating Pink Papyrus designs. Of course, pet products need to be functional and safe. This is an especially important focus, since a veterinarian has been part of the company since its inception. But just because dog products need to be sturdy and safe doesn’t mean they need to be boring and standard!

Incorporating vibrant hues, personalized designs, and numerous style options allowed Pink Papyrus to create pet products that would change the industry. Bright collars allow your dog to stand out amongst the pack, your one-of-a-kind leash will be the talk of the dog park, and adorable shirts will make a statement.

A Success Story

Pink Papyrus’s high-quality, designer products are not only used by everyday dog owners, but celebrities as well. From reality television stars to Miss America 2018, the Pink Papyrus products are enjoyed by so many.

What used to be a business managed by two people has grown into an influential team changing the pet accessory business for good. While Pink Papyrus is already experiencing great success, they continue to aim upwards. Soon, boring leashes will be a thing of the past!

LA Weekly