PianobyG Announces 3rd Album, Mad at The World

The rising popularity of digital platforms has completely transformed the global music industry. Aspiring artists are no longer at the mercy of a record label to be launched, and listeners also enjoy unlimited access to music worldwide. This amazing transformation also came with a cost for artists striving to rise above steep competition. PianobyG, a musician, has managed to shine in this extremely saturated space, showing his real talent to the world. He is a well-known voice in digital streaming platforms, and his songs have already gained over 2 million streams. Now he has geared up to recreate the magic with his upcoming release, Mad at the World.

PianobyG took the internet by storm with his last two releases that became chart-topping tracks. His song “Paradox”, released by AWAL, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, was ranked #40 on the iTunes chart. The song became the most trending track on SoundCloud and has been listed in the top 20 on SoundCloud in over 24 countries. Another song, “You and the Moon”, by PianobyG was ranked at #13 in the iTunes chart, garnering significant attention for the artist. The song was also released by AWAL.

Apart from these two songs, PianobyG made it to the iTunes top 100 5 times for his previous releases that were massive hits. His song “Alone at the Summit” was a trending track on TikTok. PianobyG’s original style and passion for originality helped him stay in the industry spotlight. He has already developed a whopping fan following who loves him for his unique approach to music. PianobyG is a verified artist on Spotify with more than 8K monthly listeners. His song “Yellow Butterflies” gained over 300k streams on the platform, and many other songs have over 100K streams and counting.

Currently, PianobyG is completely focused on his upcoming project, Mad at the World. He believes this new album has something different to enthrall listeners like never before. For the first time, Mad at the World will also be released by AWAL on major digital streaming platforms. The song is likely to be dropped by June this year, ending eager anticipations from his fans. Like every song he has released so far, PianobyG also worked on this project with passion and is excited to see the audience’s reaction.

PianobyG believes that everyone who has a goal should make the effort to relentlessly chase it. He is an example of someone who turned their dream into reality with dedication and diligence. PianobyG plans to take up music as a full-time career in the coming years and also get signed by dream labels. In the meantime, he will continue to create more soul-soothing music and inspire people with his journey.

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