PhenQ is a weight loss supplement that has a good reputation for delivering results. It’s helped thousands of people to lose weight, has excellent customer reviews, and has the backing of an iron-clad 60 day money-back guarantee.

When you visit the PhenQ website, the first thing you see is a statement in big, blue text. It says PhenQ works by containing “five powerful weight loss pills in one.”

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The claim refers to the diet pill’s multifaceted nature. PhenQ isn’t just a weight loss supplement  that suppresses hunger and helps you to burn more fat. It offers support in three additional areas. That’s one of the secrets of its success.

When PhenQ was launched, in 2015, it was rare to find a diet pill that offered dieters such a far-reaching level of support. It was pretty much one of a kind.

Today, there are other pills that are designed to provide several weight loss benefits but, as yet, nothing that’s capable of delivering the same level of consistently good results.

Although it’s no longer the new kid in town, it is considered a benchmark product. It’s got a lot of people talking and they have plenty of good things to say.

Perhaps you have already heard of this weight loss supplement and are presently wondering if you should buy PhenQ  or if it will work for you too.

This review provides information that will help you to understand what the PhenQ does and how the ingredients make this possible. It explains who can take it and who should not. Is it the right product for you? By the time you finish reading, you will be able to answer that question yourself.

Manufacture and Distribution (Who Makes PhenQ?)

PhenQ is manufactured by Wolfson Berg. The company headquarters is in Cyprus but it operates worldwide.

Wolfson Berg is a reputable company that has been a key player in the supplement industry for over 30 years. All Wolfson Berg products are produced in GMP and FDA-approved facilities in Britain and the USA so quality standards are second to none.

PhenQ Weight Loss Supplement Benefits

  • Multi-functional diet pill available without prescription
  • Suppresses hunger, reduces cravings and eating habits
  • Helps you to burn more fat and increases the fat burning process.
  • Boosts energy levels and to help weight loss goals
  • Prevents fat cell formation, new fat cells and fat production
  • Enhances the mood and increases mental focus
  • Made from 100% vegan and vegetarian-friendly ingredients.

PhenQ In Action: (How Does It Work?)

Each PhenQ capsule contains a sophisticated combination of natural ingredients. Working together, they speed and help the weight loss process in several ways.

In fact, PhenQ works by offering a dieting formula that has a greater level of support than it first appears to do. Wolfson Berg only claims five key benefits for their PhenQ product. In reality, it has additional virtues so the company is guilty of selling the product short.

As well as providing natural appetite suppressants, PhenQ has an ingredient that regulates insulin levels. Its presence may help people to avoid carb and sugar cravings.

Cravings like these are diet-damaging because they often coerce dieters into consuming more calories than they need. The worst thing about this is these cravings have nothing to do with genuine hunger.

After a meal, blood sugar levels can rise rapidly. If they become too high, the pancreas starts pumping out insulin to bring the blood sugar down. When insulin does this too efficiently, blood sugar levels may crash.

The body responds to the drop in blood sugar by initiating cravings for high-calorie food.

PhenQ’s ability to regulate this potentially diet-breaking battle between blood sugar and insulin may be an unsung virtue but it’s a very useful one.

Moving on, let’s take a look at the other ways PhenQ provides weight loss support.

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Controls Hunger

Hunger control is important for the thermogenic process. If you can’t control your hunger it will control you. When that happens it can spell the end of your diet.

Your body won’t start burning its stores of fat unless you cause an energy shortage. If your food portions are too large at mealtimes and/or you snack between meals, the necessary energy shortage may not occur. 

The problem is, the task of sticking to three healthy meals per day can be hungry work and, let’s face it, hunger sucks.

Apart from being extremely unpleasant, hunger can be very distracting. A nagging stomach can put a nasty dent in your day and it’s very easy to give in to hunger. Too easy. Hunger is the main reason so many diets fail.

PhenQ’s ability to stamp on hunger and control cravings make it the perfect partner to accompany you on your weight loss journey. By helping you to eat less it makes it possible to burn more fat and lose extra weight.

Intensifies Fat Burning Capabilities

Although you can lose weight by diet alone, most people are keen to speed things up. One way to do this is to become more active and get plenty of exercise.

Another way to do so is to use a good fat burning supplement and, when it comes to helping you to torch through your fat, PhenQ is a force to be reckoned with.

Don’t see this weight loss product as a substitute for exercise though. Just because it could be does not mean it should be. Unless you have health problems that restrict your level of physical activity, using PhenQ alongside diet and exercise will help you burn through your unwanted stores of fat in record time.

The ingredients in PhenQ intensify the fat burning process by increasing the body’s energy demands. Exercise does this too but the natural fat burners in PhenQ can increase your around the clock energy demands.

The fat burning ingredients (largely due to capsimax powder) do this by increasing metabolism and thermogenesis.

When metabolism increases, it’s a bit like putting your foot down when you are driving a car. The engine runs faster and burns extra fuel.

Thermogenesis is the biological process that makes living flesh warm. PhenQ contains ingredients that increase thermogenesis, causing the body’s core temperature to become a little higher.

When thermogenesis increases, you lose extra energy into the air around you in the form of heat. Ask any physicist and they will tell you heat is the lowest form of energy. They will also tell you energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change form.

Thermogenesis converts chemical energy to heat energy. When you are following a successful diet plan, much of the chemical energy in question will come from the lipids released from your body fat.

Discourages Fat Cells from Forming

As well as intensifying fat burning, PhenQ inhibits the formation of fat cells. Sound good? It is. In theory, anyway. The truth is, if you have got your diet right, your body won’t be in a position to start storing fat in the first place.

However, this is an interesting diet pill feature that could be seen as a desirable fail-safe. Don’t see it as an excuse to forsake your diet though. Although PhenQ can discourage fat cell formation, it won’t prevent the formation entirely.

Boosts Energy Levels

To lose weight you need to create an energy shortage within your body. We covered that already. However, apart from being good for firing up your internal fat-burning machine, the lack of energy can cause diet-related fatigue.

Nobody wants to feel lethargic. Like hunger, it can put a major dent in your day. That’s why PhenQ has a little caffeine to provide stimulation and help ensure low calorie doesn’t mean low energy.

Enhances the Mood

Dieting gets a lot of people down. That’s not surprising. Eating for weight loss generally involves avoiding high-calorie foods like cookies, candy, and potato chips.

When you want something and your diet says no, it’s easy to start feeling low. Most diet pills do not address this issue but PhenQ does. It provides natural mood enhancers to help you retain a state of mind that enables you to keep moving forward instead of throwing in the towel.

Who Can Use PhenQ?

PhenQ capsules are weight loss supplements that are suitable for most men and women who are taking active steps to lose weight. That’s basically most people who are over the age of 18.

However, Wolfson Berg points out the formulation will not be suitable for women to use during pregnancy or when they are nursing a child.

If you have any treatable health issues or would need to use the diet pills alongside medication, you will need to play it safe and get a doctor’s approval before you begin using PhenQ.

Using PhenQ – To Get The Best Results

You only need to take two tablets a day. That’s one tablet with breakfast and a second one at lunch.

Needless to say, you need to follow a suitable diet plan and, where possible, try and get plenty of exercise.

List of PhenQ Ingredients

Each PhenQ tablet provides:

  • a-LACYS RESET (25 mg)
  • Nopal (20 mg)
  • Chromium Picolinate  (10 mcg)
  • Capsicum Extract  (8 m)*
  • Niacin Powder (4.5 mg) *
  • Piperine Extract (3 mg) *
  • L-Carnitine Tartrate (150 mg)
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (142.5 mg)
  • Calcium Carbonate (1 mg)

* From Capsimax powder

What the Weight Loss Supplement Ingredients Do

The PhenQ diet pill formulation boasts an impressive arsenal of natural ingredients, most of which serve multiple roles and it’s great to see Wolfson Berg provide the inclusion rates. We know exactly what the formulation contains and how much.

Capsimax is a key player in the formulation. It’s a branded capsicum pepper extract that’s fortified with niacin and piperine.

Most manufacturers would provide the Capsimax inclusion rate and leave it at that. Wolfson Berg breaks with tradition by providing the inclusion rates for the individual natural ingredients and then pointing out they are included as Capsimax.

Does this matter? Possibly not. Capsimax has an excellent reputation in its own right. Nevertheless. It’s very refreshing to see such transparency. Wolfson Berg doesn’t hold anything back on their product and kudos for that.

A-Lacys Reset

A-Lacys Reset is a proprietary blend of alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine that’s often said to be the main player in the PhenQ diet pill formulation.

However, although it’s certainly got some impressive capabilities, so have the other ingredients. They’re all good. A-Lacys Reset just tends to get more attention because it’s a relatively new ingredient and its performance in clinical trials has allowed it to become big news.

Having said that, the ingredient’s ability to increase fat burning while also protecting against loss of muscle mass is most impressive.

The participants in one clinical trial lost 7.34 percent of their body fat. This was accompanied by a 3.44 percent reduction in weight.

The weight loss was not as great as the fat loss because A-Lacys Reset delivered a 3.8 percent increase in muscle mass. 

A-Lacy’s Reset is not the only ingredient that can burn fat and protect muscle at the same time. A few other ingredients have this ability too but have the potential to cause side effects. A-Lacy’s Reset does not have any known side effects.


Nopal (Opuntia ficus-indica) is one of the top natural appetite suppressing ingredients. It’s a cactus extract that has a long-standing reputation for providing hunger control. It is a main PhenQ ingredient to combat weight gain and great for losing weight.

These days, people take advantage of nopals significant hunger-curbing capabilities by taking it in supplements. Hundreds of years ago, the only way to do this was to eat slices of nopal cactus flesh.

Nopals ability to support weight loss does not begin and end with appetite suppression though. Research shows it has fat blocking capabilities as well.

Fat blockers restrict the body’s ability to process dietary fats. So, instead of being digested, a percentage of the fat in food is untouched and exits the body as poop.

Fat provides nine calories per gram so nopals ability to block its absorption can help lower daily calorie intake. 

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is a mineral that’s present in broccoli, potatoes, and many other vegetables. Supplement manufacturers often add it to formulations because it regulates blood sugar and insulin. 

Although there are other forms of chromium available to manufacturers, chromium picolinate is the easiest version to digest. It also has proven abilities as a weight loss aid.

The results of a study published in Diabetes Care show the chromium picolinate given to type 2 diabetics significantly improved insulin sensitivity and glucose control. It also delivered notable reductions in body fat and body weight.  


As already mentioned earlier in this review, Capsimax is a proprietary blend of capsicum, niacin, and piperine.

Research proves capsicum’s ability to support weight loss in two areas. Firstly, it suppresses appetite. Secondly, it’s a powerful thermogenic fat burner that can deliver a significant metabolism boost. ()

The problem with basic capsicum extracts is the heat. The fiery nature of the fruit extracts can be hard on the stomach. 

Capsimax is a superior ingredient that utilizes a special bead technology that does not release the fiery extract until it reaches the intestines. This prevents unpleasant stomach issues.

So, why the niacin and piperine? Niacin aids energy metabolism. Piperine maximizes ingredient absorption. It is arguably the ingredient that helps PhenQ work so efficiently.

L-Carnitine Tartrate

L-Carnitine is an amino acid. Research shows supplements that provide it can delay the onset of fatigue.

L-Carnitine also enhances the mood, helping to prevent depression. That’s why it’s often included in smart drug formulations.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is a stimulant. It boosts energy and fights fatigue. Caffeine is also good for increasing mental focus. These abilities alone make it a good addition to the PhenQ formulation but it does something more.

Research shows caffeine increases thermogenesis. It is a perfect formula for losing weight.

Calcium Carbonate

This ingredient provides calcium. You don’t see it included in many diet pill formulations so it’s good to see it here.

As you probably know, calcium is necessary for strong bones and teeth. However, you may be surprised to learn it can assist weight loss as well.

The results of a study involving obese adult volunteers suggest increasing calcium intake can help the body to burn extra fat.

Going one further, according to some research, calcium may also inhibit the body’s ability to store fat.

What Customers Say About PhenQ (How Good are the Reviews?)

Since its launch, in 2015, PhenQ fat loss pill has attained 190,000+ satisfied customers.

Known Side Effects

Side effects should be minimal to non existent if taken as recommended and suggested. No serious side effects have been reported. All weight loss products have the potential to cause some degree of side effects – PhenQ has a low probability largely due to the natural ingredients included in the product.

Where to Buy PhenQ and How Much You Can Expect to Pay

PhenQ is only available via the official PhenQ website. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply of tablets and costs $69.95. (Price correct at the time of this review.) Shipping is free and there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Customers who place larger orders get free bottles of PhenQ and/or other rewards. The PhenQ website also runs regular flash sales that make it possible to get a further discount of up to 20 percent.

PhenQ Review Conclusion

It’s hard to knock this product. The formulation contains an impressive line-up of ingredients that are more than capable of allowing it to provides the kind of weight loss benefits Wolfson Berg is promising.

The price is very reasonable too and it’s great to see the 60 day money-back guarantee. Not many manufacturers offer a guarantee, Wolfson Berg is one of the few that do.

Customer PhenQ reviews are also reassuring. They show PhenQ is a diet pill that packs a lot of power. It is multi function – it is a fat burner, and appetite suppressant and a fat blocker. It can help you regain your self esteem and achieve your dream body.

This is a no-nonsense product that’s low on hype and has all the right credentials. If you need help to lose weight, you won’t find a better option than PhenQ.

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