Phantom Zero, the NFT collection designed by Disney artist Michael Kutsche

The NFT market is a fast moving market and every day hundreds of projects are launched to conquer investors. Among all these projects, some stand out because of their team or their roadmap.

This is the case of the Phantom Zero project, a project on which the Disney artist Michael Kutsche is working, who worked on the design of the Lion King, Alice in Wonderland or Spiderman movies by Marvel. For over 10 years, Michael has been working on this project, which he originally planned to launch as an animated film, and then decided to turn into an NFT project. The Phantom Zero project thus proposes a mature art that has been able to highlight the work of the artist over time.

Behind his project, no unfeasible roadmap or untenable promises. The team behind the project is not a fan of big promises, or of creating a roadmap just to have one. They want to focus on the basics: providing their holders with quality NFTs that will allow them to be proud of the art they own and allow them to make a return on their investment through the secondary market. The project promises art around fashion in its simplest form. A collective of artists is also being created that will link several NFT collections together by the fact that holding an NFT from one collection, will allow them to acquire some of the next collection. Collaborations with other world-renowned artists are also in the works, but not yet disclosed. It is certain that this collective will be able to bring considerable benefits to NFT holders, which is a sign of the project’s upcoming success.

Certainly, a project of this type in the NFT sphere cannot go unnoticed, given the artist’s reputation and the successful projects he has worked on. The art in this collection is totally epic and exclusive and the NFT Phantom Zero project is set to become one of the biggest projects in the coming months. The team behind the project still has many surprises in store for the community.

LA Weekly