Not-So-Petty Concerns“A Sound Map of Tom Petty's Los Angeles” [Jan. 18-24] looks like a wonderful place . . . unless you are trying to find the House of Blues! How can it possibly be lording over the 405, west of the Whisky, the Viper Room and Ben Frank's (now Mel's)?Robert WollmanWest HollywoodOnline post about Petty feature:The escalator scene from “Free Fallin'” was shot at the Westside Pavilion — I watched it when I should have been at work.Posted Jan. 18, 12:58 p.m. by Anonymous CowardWith Friends Like These …Thank you for exposing the threats, misbegotten tactics and self-congratulatory attitudes of some animal-rights extremists [“Terrorizing Villaraigosa,” Dec. 21-27, 2007]. Their attempts to get the attention of the mayor and others by attacking relatives and staff in no way help animals.Those in power react to Jerry Vlasak and Lindy Greene et al. by shutting down legitimate dialogue. Those of us who struggle to improve institutional treatment of animals know their behavior has only made our job harder. If they want to go after real problems, they should turn their attention to backyard breeders, puppy mills and people who discard animals like old pieces of furniture.Melya KaplanExecutive director, Voice for the Animals, VeniceThe Movie Is the MessageOnline post about Scott Foundas' “Clover­field Is a Horror,” Jan. 18-24: Real people who don't throw around elitist allusions like sprinkles on a cupcake actually like this movie. I saw it, and it was awesome. And I'm no Philistine. I think the fact that this movie has no cleverly woven message is one of its strengths. That would have seemed too contrived.Posted Jan. 17, 1:58 p.m. by SiansoneaTechnophiliaI just want to thank Liz Ohanesian for a great article on Droid Behavior [“Robot Rock,” Jan. 18-24]. Our genre and most underground techno events have not gotten much press in such a positive light.Agusta ChavanetteSherman Oaks

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