Petroteq Energy Will Serve as The Gold Standard for Feasible Carbon-Negative Approaches in The Oil and Gas Industry

One of the major challenges facing humanity in the 21st century is how to improve the quality of life while still taking care of the environment. Over the years, experts have been warning of the looming climate change crisis unless actions are taken to reduce carbon and other greenhouse emissions. Companies in every industry can do their part, including gas and oil companies.

The 2018 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published a landmark report that spelled out the possible course of action that the government can employ to fulfill the Paris Agreement. More significantly, the report highlighted oil and gas companies as having a significant and important role to abate the situation. Among the many recommendations set out, reducing the amount of carbon emissions and subsequently eliminating the enormous amounts of carbon in the atmosphere were highlighted as top priorities.

Unfortunately, some companies in the oil and gas industry don’t have the necessary technologies to serve the purpose. Some believe that the technologies and strategies needed to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere are not feasible. They have branded it as an expensive affair that threatens to disrupt their operation or even put them out of business.

The obvious technologies and strategies adopted by a majority of the oil and gas companies attempt carbon neutrality. The carbon neutrality technology aims to cancel out carbon emissions so that the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air is equal to the amount absorbed. This is a great measure to decrease carbon emission but not sustainable for achieving a green world, and decreasing temperatures. The ideal solution would be to adopt a carbon negative measure, that will eliminate the already existing carbon in the atmosphere.

Fortunately, Petroteq Energy Inc, a leading firm in the oil and gas production, has uncovered a strategy that is carbon negative and also feasible. Petroteq is a well-known oil extraction company that maintains environmentally friendly approaches in their processes. Being an industry leader in the adoption of green energy technology whilst being a fossil fuel company, Petroteq is leading the way in adopting feasible carbon-negative approaches.

Petroteq is actively launching a series of carbon negative and carbon neutral initiatives to reduce carbon concentration in the atmosphere. Through the combination of their technologies and strategies, Petroteq will gain closer to 175 KG/MW or 300 KG/BBL. Such initiatives will propel Petroteq as the gold standard for economically viable approaches that are carbon negative in the oil and gas industry. Additionally, Petroteq is showing that successful carbon negative approaches are feasible in the industry.

The initiatives involve a two-step solution that will reduce carbon emissions and also eliminate carbon in the atmosphere. Through the carbon reduced energy, Petroteq will achieve about 30% – 40% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. The carbon negative technologies will also help Petroteq absorb about 60KG/MW from the atmosphere.

Through such initiatives, Petroteq is showing its commitment to producing energy for the economy while protecting and restoring the damaged planet. They are paving the way for more companies in their industry to have the same sort of positive impact.

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