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For the past couple years, our pets have gotten used to us being at home with them. As we begin to get back to life, pets are understandably distressed and confused. It’s hard to walk out the door knowing your cat or dog is going to be anxious without you, but thankfully, there are brands like Petlibro that love animals just as much as we do. From ultra-hygienic water fountains, to double cat food dispensers, an auto cat feeder, and now, this newly-launched camera monitoring feeder, Petlibro has proven that they are the brand to turn to for all your pet needs. You can check it out for yourself at

If you have cats like we do, you know that keeping their feeding schedule the same is incredibly important. As finicky eaters, cats can refuse food, get anxious and even retaliate when faced with feeding time interruptions. Petlibro helps keep your cat healthy with a maintainable feeding schedule even when you aren’t in town. Routine is key for a happy pet, and Petlibro makes it possible for those routines to go uninterrupted while you live your life. A solution for calming not only pet anxiety but pet-owner anxiety as well, the newly launched Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder with Granary Camera Monitoring 5L enables you to feed and monitor your little loved one anywhere, anytime. 


Petlibro has been working diligently to create the automatic feeder, their first camera monitoring automatic feeder. A revolutionary product in the pet industry, the Petlibro Monitoring Automatic Pet Feeder not only keeps your pets on the feeding schedule they’ve become accustomed to, but captures video recordings of them eating and interacting with the feeder as well. For those of us with sensitive, medically fragile, or just plain entertaining furbabies, this footage is priceless, as it allows you to keep track of your animals’ diet, routine and needs. No matter why you need it, this automatic cat feeder will faithfully capture both important data and mischievous moments! Does your cat get the midnight munchies? No problem! With the Petlibro Monitoring Automatic Pet Feeder for cats and dogs nighttime vision system, you can see everything going on regardless of the time of day.

Planning a quick trip, or have to be away for a night? No worries. The Petlibro Monitoring Automatic Pet Feeder can be scheduled for up to 10 meals a day and up to 50 portions per meal, meaning you have the freedom to give yourself the time you need without worry about stressful and expensive boarding or pet-sitters. 

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Perhaps our favorite feature of the Petlibro Monitoring Automatic Pet Feeder is the built-in 1080p HD camera with a 145° wide-angle lens that helps you feel right there at home with your pets come mealtime. When you couple this wide-angle feature with the two-way voice interaction – which allows you to speak to your pet in real time – there’s no doubt that the Petlibro Monitoring Automatic Pet Feeder is the best option for your furry family. Thanks to this state-of-the-art camera monitoring feeder, you can soothe your pets, play with them, or just have a bonding moment that’ll bring you both comfort. When your pet approaches the automatic feeder, you’ll get a notification alerting you. You’ll be able to click through to speak and be with your cat in real-time, or you can play back the videos at a later time. One of the best ways to preserve routine is with the comfort of your voice, and thanks to the Petlibro Monitoring Automatic Pet Feeder, you can reassure them by calling out to them that dinner is ready. They won’t even know you’re gone!

The Petlibro Monitoring Automatic Pet Feeder also comes complete with a quadruple seal system, which makes sure every bite is fresh and hygienic. No stale food here! To be honest, the Petlibro Monitoring Automatic Pet Feeder is fresher than just eating food in a bowl and calling it a day, making it a great option for everyday, not just days out. 

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If your cat is like ours and loves to knock things over and get into trouble, you’ll feel comfortable using the Petlibro Monitoring Automatic Pet Feeder as its infrared safety detection keeps pesky paws safe and out of the food supply. 

Thanks to the Petlibro Monitoring Automatic Pet Feeder, satisfaction is a glance and a treat away. Peace of mind is priceless, especially when it comes to the comfort and stability of your pet’s life. Don’t let them go hungry! Check out Petlibro Monitoring Automatic Pet Feeder and find the solution to your pet feeding routine. With free shipping, a hassle-free 18 month warranty, 24/7 customer support and a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and so much extra time to gain! Don’t stress when it comes to juggling pet care and your responsibilities, let yourself breathe a sigh of relief by purchasing the Petlibro Monitoring Automatic Pet Feeder with code “camerafeeder” to enjoy 15% off, available now. 

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