This ragtag rumble tumble queen couldn’t be more ecstatic and athrill than to present “Under the Cherry Moon” (recipe below) — inspired by the many sad, lonely months spent in isolation as an out-of-work service industry ex-employee during the pandemic, scraping by, catching up on beloved camp classics and box office bombs of yesteryore, such as Prince’s ‘86 nadir of the same name. Above all, can’t wait to see, hug, “Kiss,” dance, and get together with all you dearly beloveds again — and that’s what Wiggy chooses to cheers to this Pride.

#CheersTo #Perrier #SparkOriginality

Under the Cherry Moon

.75 oz. Cherry Lavender Cordial (see below)

.75 Lemon Juice

Muddle 1 Cucumber Slice (Optional – for cooler, more layered taste)

2 oz. Gin

Shake & Strain over ice into a Wine Glass or Large Tumbler

Add 2 oz. Lemon Perrier

Garnish with a Cucumber Peel, Cherries & Lavender Sprig

(For Mocktail version, remove Gin – replace with more Perrier, if you wish!)

Cherry Lavender Cordial

Add 1 part dried Lavender buds (you can forage in for them if you really want or get them in a day from the internet) to 5 parts Hot Water (i.e. 1/2 cup lavender to 2 1/2 cups hot water)

Let sit 30 min., strain

Muddle 2 cups of Cherries in medium pot (remove stems, ok to leave the pits)

Add 1 cup of Lavender Water

Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally

Slowly add 1 cup of Sugar, stirring to dissolve

Cover & Lower to Med/Low heat – let simmer for 10 min.

Turn off heat, refrigerate 24 hours

Strain & Store

Miss Wiggy is a timeless inter-dimensional drag creature and mixologist who borders on pulchritudinous and apocryphal — in the absolute best and most glam way possible. According to her, she crawled out of the primordial soup fully formed in Pleasure pumps and a thirsty Santee Alley weave. She claims to have invented distillation, and in a past life could be found throwing Molotov cocktails outside speakeasies in the 1920s. You may know her from the heyday of Bar Mattachine in DLTA (R.I.P.), or you may not know her at all — which, honestly, is your loss. She’s currently working on a queer cocktail book, and world domination. Much love to the entire LGBTQIA+ community. Can’t wait to cheers you all again in person!

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