Pelvic Floor Strong is a program by a leading women’s health specialist, and fitness instructor, Alex Miller that works to strengthen the core muscles to reduce the risk of leakage and incontinence in women. The Pelvic Floor Strong program involves just 3 steps to ensure that users can regain their quality of life. The program works for women of all ages, even though it was primarily created for women after 40 and women who have given birth and can feel the difference after the experience.

There is nothing quite as embarrassing as having a bathroom-related accident in public. While such an incident can often happen to children who are just learning to use the toilet themselves, adults are expected not to have this issue. The pelvic floor is a “woven basket of muscles that hold your bladder, uterus, and bowels.” Unfortunately, women everywhere have many things that can happen to their pelvic floor. From the pressure of childbirth to the aging body, there is only so far the Kegel exercises can help.

Read on to learn how Pelvic Floor Strong works and why is known as an alternative solution to strengthen the pelvic floor area in women.

What is Pelvic Floor Strong?

Lacking control over the pelvic floor area of the body may seem like a matter of reducing an uncomfortable situation, but it’s much more. Without control of the Pelvic Floor, many people silently struggle and become withdrawn from their partner, as women become paralyzed with the fear of losing control when they have intercourse. This problem can soon engulf every part of a person’s life, even preventing them from comfortably going to the grocery store.

Alex Miller, a fitness instructor and the creator of Pelvic Floor Strong, states that consumers’ issues with their pelvic floor impact all women, and the weakness in the muscles are caused by a condition called “Layer syndrome which is an imbalance of the muscles” in most cases the core muscles are out of balance.”

Because most problems with the pelvic floor are derived from muscle imbalances, she’s put together a program that will help users learn to strengthen these core muscles to prevent uncomfortable situations. Alex also states there are no crunches, no doctor recommended kegel exercises, or even sit-ups, in fact, she states these doctor-recommended exercises are actually making the pelvic floor weaker. Far too many people end up dealing with the emotional damage and embarrassment that come from leaks whenever they cough too hard, sneeze, or even lift something beyond their capability. According to Alex with the Pelvic Floor Strong program, those issues can be overcome.

Interestingly, with Pelvic Floor Strong not all exercises involved specifically pertain to the pelvis. Alex states that a muscle in the upper body, in the chest and shoulder area, can be improved to cause less damage to the pelvic floor. The full details aren’t available to anyone but the customers, but consumers will learn 3 simple ways to improve their body without disrupting their entire life in the process. By following these three steps, consumers can stop leaks for good.

Buying Pelvic Floor Strong

Available entirely digitally, consumers can typically order everything the Pelvic Floor Strong offers for $79. However, to reach more people with the information, Alex has dropped down the price to $37 for a short time. Since the publication is available online, users can access the  material immediately after purchase

Along with the main guide, for $37 consumers will get access to the following bonuses at no additional cost:

  • Total Core & Pelvic Floor Repair Method, a manual that includes all of the details that users already hear from the included audio.
  • Diastasis Recti Improvement Checklist, a log to show consumers’ progress as they continue through the program.
  • 10-Minute Quick Start Routine, a video (with a written manual) to demonstrate workouts that users can take on to strengthen and flatten the excess fat along the stomach.
  • Back to Life 3-Stretch Pain-Free, a program that shows users how to eliminate pain from their lower back to neck with stretching techniques.

If the reader finds that this program doesn’t give them the relief they hope for, they can contact the company for a refund up to 60 days after making their purchase. If there are any other questions that consumers want to be answered before ordering Pelvic Floor Strong, they can call 1-800-390-6035 or send an email to

Frequently Asked Questions About Pelvic Floor Strong

How often is the program fee charged for Pelvic Floor Strong?

Only once. This program can be purchased with a one-time purchase. There is no subscription needed, and users can go through the details at their own pace.

Is this program time-consuming?

Not at all. Alex understands that the women who have allowed their pelvic floor to reach the condition, haven’t done so out of laziness, but out of the lack of time to take care of themselves. This program takes minimal time a day, and it is incredibly easy for anyone.

Will Pelvic Floor Strong work for older women?

Even though anyone can benefit from using this system, it specifically caters to the needs of women aged 40 and older. To make sure that anyone can perform the movements, Alex included several relatively easy modifications.

Do consumers already need to be in good shape to use Pelvic Floor Strong?

No. The movements are rather gentle already, but there are modifications that consumers can make to ensure that anyone can do them, regardless of their fitness level.

Will this program work for women who have had C-sections or have never given birth at all?

Primarily, Alex developed the program as a way for women who have had children to promote a healthier and stronger pelvic floor. However, thanks to how the movements work, they can help any woman over age 40 with leakage problems.

Final Thoughts

Pelvic Floor Strong provides the reader with a substantial amount of information regarding what women can do to reduce their risk of leakage. The guide goes through everything about the leaking cause while showing users each step they need to do to eliminate this issue permanently. The techniques don’t require the user to purchase any equipment, but most people don’t have to worry about leakage after going through the program. It works for consumers of all ages, even if the individual leaks as a result of childbirth.


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