The Trouble With KPFK

Hillel Aron's cover story about the troubles at Pacifica Radio, and the local station it owns, KFPK, left readers sharply divided (“Left-Wing Darling Pacifica Radio Is Sliding Into the Abyss,” March 21).

Dltab writes, “Very well-done article and very funny.

AndrewX agrees. “Popcorn all around,” he writes. “This is real 'Judean People's Front' vs. 'The People's Front of Judea' material. Not that I am inclined to give advice to the left, but one does ponder if they would be more effective if they were capable of a) stepping outside themselves for five minutes to get a glimpse of just how people who are not inside their bubble see them, and b) having the humility to accept that they are every bit as human as everyone else, and thus every bit as susceptible to such things as greed, avarice, power-madness, prevarication, self-righteousness, group superiority and all the other sins that they share with the most rabid right-wingers.

Reader Byanonymousgirl isn't laughing. She writes, “KPFK and Pacifica taught me that I am not alone. I spent the majority of my life isolated because I cared about things that my family, my friends, my school and the world at large didn't seem to ever even consider. What was wrong with me? Why did I think about race, equality, nature, history, feminism? Why did I care about the feelings and lives of people I had never met and never would meet?

“About eight years ago, I heard my first glimmer of the hope offered by KPFK and became instantly hooked. This radio station literally changed my life.

I implore everyone to turn their hearts away from the bickering and embrace the heart and soul of OUR Pacifica. Answers cannot and will not be found in the fight about Pacifica. The answers are already present within Pacifica itself. If you feel the same love and admiration that I do, then join together so none of us will be alone. Alternately, if you lack the honor to stop attacking Pacifica or KPFK in your heart, or in public, please go elsewhere, and leave Pacifica and all of its wisdom and knowledge to those that are ready to receive and use it.”

Georgegcowie is a bit more pragmatic: “I have to agree with the comments by Ian Masters, who has consistently informed me with both intelligent commentary and guests since I first caught Background Briefing in June 1988. His and Amy Goodman's are now the only shows I pledge for, since there are so many whack-job conspiracy nutcase shows, in addition to the beg-a-thons plugging idiotic, allegedly medical solutions. Fix cancer with baking soda douches? That's real asshattery. I think a real business person could fix the financial and organizational mess. I sure hope so.”


Last week's story “Diddy's Revolt TV Tries to Reinvent Music's Role on the Small Screen” contained inaccurate information. The station is in 25 million homes, Diddy is its co-owner and chairman, and Val Boreland is executive VP, programming and production. We regret the errors.

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