Paving the Way to a Dream: A Look Inside the Bricks of A Successful Company

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Lauren was like a lot of homeowners in Southern California who had finally saved enough money to realize their vision of a home improvement project but needed help turning it into fruition. The driveway and fence would get a makeover to look like ones you’d find on a magazine, but finding a contractor who understood her vision and was emotionally invested into the project was going to be tough. Then she came across Bobcat Concrete and Masonry.

Bobcat Concrete and Masonry originated in Southern California in the year 2003 as a licensed masonry and concrete contractor. The dream was simple when Javier Guzman started this family-run business. Guzman previously worked at another contracting company in Santa Clarita where he was able to learn how a successful contractor business is run, but there were several key things about the way the company did business that eventually inspired him to bet on himself to start his own business. Guzman realized that their bottom line was always about whether the company was making profit and not necessarily the satisfaction of their customers, so this is where his dream comes from.

Guzman loved doing the work of a contractor, so the key to success in his business was simple. He would love doing the work, make his customer’s satisfaction the priority, and the company would succeed. Given that the company has been around for nearly 20 years with a great track record for customer satisfaction, it’s worked out well for him and his clients.

The story of Lauren is real, and Guzman is still able to remember how happy and surprised she was when she saw her own vision brought to her own home. If you’ve been thinking about a home improvement project, you too can be Lauren with Bobcat Concrete and Masonry.


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