Passionate about Change, Anthony Malascalza Pursues Green Energy and Brighter Futures

When you want to change the world, you have to start with your world first. Start small and grow into influence. When you influence one, then another, and another, growing a team of influencers, then change can really take place. Anthony Malascalza has done just that in an attempt to improve the world around him and help as many as he can.

Anthony grew up watching his family struggle, parents divorced, and just making ends meet. As he watched his dad working hard 40 hours a week, without anything to show for it at the end of the day, he decided he wanted to change that trajectory for his family and do something different, something that would give him the ability to help those around him.

It was a dream his parents shared for him and his brother, but their dream looked a little different from Anthony’s. At the encouragement from his father, he went to trade school to learn plumbing. When that didn’t work out, he decided to try nursing instead. “As much as I wanted to listen to my father, school was not my passion,” he says of his budding professional life. After leaving the school route, he tried his hand at bodybuilding, but the physical demands were too taxing on his health to be a sustainable long-term option.

Determined to find his way, he relentlessly pursued other options, landing in the energy industry. He quickly scaled the corporate ladder in energy deregulation and learned all he could. When he was ready to branch out on his own, he founded his own marketing firm, specializing in door-to-door sales of alternative energy. He settled into his calling and amassed almost $1 million in sales the first year. His business continued to grow and expand, reaching nearly $5 million in sales in 2021, with projections to double that amount in 2022.

Anthony Malascalza credits his success to his desire to help others, “I have changed thousands of people’s lives across the world giving them opportunities for employment. I also have helped millions of customers choose a green energy solution of where they get their electricity from to help the environment.” One house at a time, one customer at a time, one agent at a time, Anthony is passionate about changing lives and impacting the world.

LA Weekly