Parrot coconut water has been flying off the shelves at local and ethnic markets all over North America for 40 years, the original coco makers before coconut water was cool. Through good old fashioned word of mouth and an impressive network of dedicated small mom & pops, the cult favorite beverage brand has made its way from a small shop in the North Shores of San Francisco to a consumer packaged goods powerhouse. In 2018, the brand added its newest 110,000 sq.ft distribution center in Los Angeles to the 6 already in operation to keep up with demand.

Everything starts in central Thailand where the weather is perfect for coconuts all year round. Parrot specializes in young coconuts whose waters are the creme de la creme of coconut water. Each tree is carefully planted so to give space to breathe and absorb ample nutrients. Parrots coconuts are hand-picked by local farmers and packaged locally for sustainability so you can get the freshest coconut water while being a mindful brand.

Consistency, simple quality ingredients, and sustainability are so important to us. We wouldnt be where we are without sticking to these values. The challenge for many coconut water makers is to keep the taste consistent. But were very proud to say whether you have a Parrot today or 5 years from now, its still the same olParrot.” Fans recall their parents buying the drinks when they were young and being able to find the same product brings back a great sense of nostalgia.

From mango to guava, from coconut water with pulp to fresh coconuts, Parrot has it all. Their latest, coconut milk, available on Amazon Prime and hitting markets all over the west coast, has received raving reviews from fans and critics alike. The coconut milk drink also marks the first of many new products to expand into the health-conscious market with the same dedication to quality & ingredient as they have put into their coconut waters. Parrots coconut milk drink is just the right balance of young coconut and coconut water, pressed with coconut meat to create a light milk that makes awesome smoothies (even non- vegan people will enjoy) for hot summers and heats up nicely with a pot toddy during colder days. It also pairs amazingly with CBD products for an effective natural post-workout recovery routine or by itself, athletes have used plant-based milks to boost endurance for years. Its a must try for any health and cannabis enthusiast.

Nested in the Arts District, between the hottest dispensaries and trendy restaurants, the @cocodealers shop packs big ambition. Not only is it a homage to Parrots humble beginnings, its also at the center of Parrots neighborly brand. In a rapidly gentrifying downtown Los Angeles, Parrot hopes to bring back a sense of community by being with their customer. A focus on community and each other that has been filling up on their relatively new instagram page @parrot.brand, which features a range of their customers from markets to regular people.

When the pandemic hit, Parrot reached out to their local small markets with grocery giveaways and co-marketing opportunities to boost sales. Despite being deemed essential, small markets have been hit hard with low traffic and rising inventory costs. Weve gotten to meet a lot of awesome store owners and a great chance to get to know our markets better, it helps us be a better brand for them. We cant be a good brand without being good people, and good people care about each other. So thats what were doing, were going back to the neighborhood, hope you see you guys there too.”

The neighborly Parrot just might be onto something.

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