Paper Boyz Co-Founder JetSetFly on How He Created One of the Largest NFT Magazine Platforms

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NFTs are a relatively new type of asset, which means that the market is still emerging. Many companies and startups are looking to enter this space, but Paper Boyz by is committed to improving the current market. For many potential investors, misinformation and under-information are two of the biggest challenges they face. That’s why neuro-marketing mogul, internet entrepreneur, and public speaker Jetsetfly, AKA  Josh King Madrid and his business partners Joey Sendz & TheBlondeJon co-founded Paper Boyz. The mission is to keep NFT enthusiasts informed and up-to-date with news and developments from the Web3 space as soon as they emerge through a collection of 3,550 NFTs, to deliver the NFT Magazine scoop of the day. Members of this community get access to NFT education, emerging news, a thriving community, and so much more.

Though the project is still in its early stages, Jetsetfly and his team have already made a huge impression. For one, Paper Boyz is one of the few projects with a famous, well-known artist on the team. The artist, Edgar Vebiu, is a veteran with over 16 years of working experience on mobile apps. Edgar has worked on popular projects such as Angry Birds and FIFA and partnered with hundreds of tech brands like Sony, SalesForce, and Drata. The second thing that makes the Paper Boyz project unique is the team behind it, led by Jetsetfly.

An ardent fan of the internet and its limitless possibilities, Jetsetfly began his exploration of this space at an early age. By the time he graduated from high school, the budding entrepreneur had already hit major milestones and was ready to take over the digital marketing space. One year later when he dropped out of college to pursue his passion, Jetsetfly realized that dream. At only 19, he made his first $1million and continued scaling. Six years in, he has diversified his ventures and created an awe-inspiring empire. JetsetfIy aka Josh King Madrid has built multiple seven-figure business and e-commerce brands, generating over $20 million in total online sales.

Agile and flexible are two words that best describe JetsetfIy as an entrepreneur. He was determined to thrive in the online space, so he learned everything he could about internet marketing and gave it his all. Soon, JetsetfIy’s efforts paid off, and he became the #1 chatbot automation marketer worldwide. Shortly after, JetsetfIy discovered Instagram DM automation and spent three years doing it before anyone else accessed the tech. As the leading expert in that field, he amassed over 14,000 customers and generated millions of dollars in online sales. JetsetfIy didn’t stop at e-commerce.

When he was not selling goods and services online, JetsetfIy spent countless hours recording podcasts and creating valuable content for his online followers and fans. His podcast, The Dropout Degree, has attracted over 1million downloads and garnered millions of fans globally. These fans have spilled over to JetsetfIy’s social media accounts, where he boasts close to one million followers on Instagram and Facebook cumulatively.

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As the NFT space continues to grow, JetsetfIy is once again making his mark. An early adopter of most tech developments, he believes the Web3 space has the potential to change lives for the better, and thats what he aims to do with his project. Since he started exploring this space, JetSetFlys NFTs has brought in over $10 million+ and over 100,000 leads to 3x NFT collections, where he consulted marketing operations. His mission is to do more in the coming days and help more people succeed in the industry.

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