Ozzy Tyres and Hussla Wheels, the People’s Brand

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It takes a lot for a brand to become a household name. Securing a strong reputation, encouraging word-of-mouth recommendations, and ongoing reliability are three of the ways to make this happen. It usually takes generations of this for a business to take hold in the day-to-day lives of consumers, but for Hussla Wheels, it’s only taken a few years. Through tremendous quality and a thorough understanding of the Australian people, Hussla Wheels and its parent company Ozzy Tyres have positioned themselves as the people’s brand.

When Ozzy Tyres started off, they were predominantly outsourcing their tyres and wheels from American manufacturers. The United States controlled the wheel market through innovation, cutting-edge design, and strong branding. The Ozzy Tyres team would even attend trade shows in Las Vegas to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry. But as Ozzy Tyres started gaining momentum back in their home country, they realized they were essentially promoting other brands and had no personal control of the ultimate product being delivered to consumers. Because of this, they decided to create their own brand: Hussla Wheels.

The name “Hussla Wheels” encapsulates the lifestyle many people around the world have adopted: the hustle mindset. It represents the true hustle and bustle of life and pays homage to the people who make things happen. Equipped with a thorough understanding of what makes Australians exceptional, Hussla Wheels embraced the hard-working ethic of their fellow citizens and reflected it in their branding. They hustled to launch their wheel brand from scratch. It’s only been 5 years since then, but growth has been astronomical. Hussla Wheels is now the largest wheel brand in Australia.

Their dominating presence in the wheel industry of their home country isn’t something they take for granted. Everything they work toward represents the people of Australia. Hussla Wheels is an Australian-owned and operated company that appreciates the support of the communities they work with. The brand wanted to give the people of their country the wheel with the utmost finishes, ultimate designs, multiple options, and top-tier safety options. While customizing the look of the wheel and tyre is enjoyable and important to many, it’s nothing when compared to the importance of safety measures.

In addition to safety, customer service is a top-tier priority. This is why Hussla Wheels invests so many resources in customer service and the products they deliver. When a consumer places an order, an expert technical team goes through each detail. Then, if the team has any advice or recommendations, they can contact the consumer. The technical team is full of advice and guidance, which helps beginners in the industry make sure they’re ordering the best product for their vehicle and lifestyle. This relates to Hussla Wheels’ fitting guarantee, which promises consumers that what they order will 100% fit their vehicle. This is a huge promise, but this company makes it happen.

In addition to delivering a fantastic product, it’s important to Hussla Wheels to ensure their pricing structure is attainable. There’s no denying the wheels they provide their customers are high-end. The thing that makes them stand out, though, is the fact that their pricing is mid-range. It was important to them to support the lifestyles of their customers by providing an incredible product at a fair price. This is one of the many reasons they’re becoming a household name in such a short amount of time.

As their popularity grows, more and more Australians are recognizing the benefits of working with Hussla Wheels when investing in their vehicle. Not only is the customization process seamless and dynamic, but the product itself is reliable. Consumers can be confident when working with the brand, which is why Hussla Wheels has taken over their industry in such a short amount of time. As they continue to establish themselves as a household name, car owners continue to get the best possible product for an affordable price.

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