Overcoming Adversity: How Rachelle Ramiro Runs a Thriving Business Despite Challenges

How the nurse-entrepreneur hybrid tackled conflict and turned her passions into a growing business that helps others.

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Who is Rachelle Ramiro? You may not have heard of her until now, considering she’s been working diligently in the medical field for the past 13 years. However, Rachelle Ramiro MSN, APRN, CPNP, FNP-C recently decided to take her career a step further by creating her very own business. In addition to being a registered nurse and a double board-certified nurse practitioner in pediatric and family medicine, she is now the founder of Revive & Rejuvenate. The wellness-focused business specializes in health, fitness, and beauty treatments that help patients live their most optimal, confident, healthiest lives while feeling and looking their very best.

Revive & Rejuvenate was born out of Rachelle’s passion for health and fitness, which has encouraged others in both her personal and professional circles to also take charge of their own health. The bottom line is that she loves to care for people. She has always innately been a caretaker, which she learned early on from her family.

Rachelle’s parents both came to America from the Philippines with nothing. “My grandfather fought in WW2 and brought my dad’s family here,” reflects Rachelle. “My mom came here on a working visa as a nurse. I did not grow up rich, but they gave me examples of what hard-working family-oriented parents looked like. They instilled in me a work ethic and care that I just want to share with the world. She eventually followed in her mother’s footsteps, who worked as an ER/Medsurg nurse for over 35 years.

It’s no secret that starting your own business takes this kind of hard work. But starting a business at the start of a pandemic? That’s a whole other level of dedication. Rachelle started her corporation right before Covid hit. Instead of letting it stop her from pursuing her passion, she adjusted her business plan and tackled the challenges of covid head-on. But the challenges didn’t stop there. She also dealt with a car robbery resulting in a $10,000 loss of business equipment, as well as learning to balance the different personalities and people who doubted her in her personal and professional life.

Fortunately, she didn’t let any of this tear her down. Rather, she found ways to improve, adjust, and become more resilient in the process. According to Rachelle, mindset is everything. “You have to believe in yourself and take action,” she says.

Rachelle is the type of person who does what she says she will do. She is someone you can count on, who will always be there if she says she will be, and who takes responsibility for her life, health, and wellness. Now, she’s inspiring others to do the same through her work with Revive & Rejuvenate.

At the end of the day, Rachelle wants to be known for helping her clients, friends, and family feel like she helped change their lives for the better.”

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