As health-conscious cannabis lovers, we demand that our favorite flower, vapes, edibles, and concentrates are pure, clean, and delivered with care from a trusted source, which is why we are loyal to

Pineapple Express delivers legal, dependable and quality cannabis that caters to your needs. Servicing both Los Angeles and Orange Counties, they offer competitive pricing with fast, discreet, and contactless service. They bring the goods to you, wherever you are, free of charge – home, work, hotel, cafe, etc…

What sets them apart? Their exclusivity. They are rigorous in the selection and testing process for not only the brands they carry, but their own line as well. Adhering to the highest standards of health and quality, natural wellness in its purest form is their commitment to their clients. 

We had a (socially-distanced) sit down with the President of Pineapple Ventures, Marco Rullo, to learn more about this maverick brand:

What’s the story behind the name? As a cannabis enthusiast, you can’t miss the obvious connotations with Pineapple Express. 

Obviously, most people are familiar with the movie starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. Weather buffs will know that it’s also the name of a meteorological phenomenon originating from Hawaiian waters which can bring wet weather to California. 

But for cannabis lovers, Pineapple Express is best known as a hard-hitting hybrid of the Trainwreck and Hawaiian strains which leaves you feeling uplifted and euphoric. That’s how we want each of our customers to feel after a Pineapple Express delivery, and how we got the inspiration for our name.

Despite the legalization of cannabis in California, the black market still seems to be thriving.  How do legal dispensaries and delivery services like Pineapple Express compete in this environment?

With the addition of State and municipal taxes, legal cannabis is priced higher than black market products. For some people, those additional costs can drive them to purchase illegal products from illicit operators; but that comes with great risk.

From the public health crisis caused by consumption of illicit vape products, to pesticide-ridden flower and joints, to edibles with mystery ingredients, the cannabis consumer has to be more cautious now than ever. 

When you order from Pineapple Express you can be confident that we only do business with brands who are legally licensed operators, and every product we carry has passed the most stringent testing for pesticides, microbials, and dangerous additives. 

Now more than ever, consumers are careful about what they put in, and on, their bodies and demand to know that what they’re ingesting is safe. Pineapple Express does our part by allowing them to purchase with confidence and enjoy their order with peace of mind.

What types of products do you work with, and what is your selection process? Given your emphasis on authenticity, your curation process must be stringent. 

Customers love our menu because we consistently offer top-quality products to fit any budget, and because of the size of our loyal member base, brands are eager to secure a spot on our menu. That makes the curation process a critical component to our customers’ experience

Our menu manager, Kenny, is a true cannabis connoisseur and works with a dedicated team to evaluate products for flavor, potency, and value – only the best of the best make the cut. His goal is to maintain the product offerings our customers know and love, while also sourcing exciting new products and limited time offerings. 

At Pineapple Express you can be confident we’ll deliver the finest flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, concentrates and topicals available. And with our daily deals, new customer discounts, flash sales, and members-only specials, it’s always a great time to connect with us!

Do you test using a third party or in house, or a combination of both? 

Every product we receive has already been tested by both the brand and an independent, State-accredited, third-party laboratory. That’s a requirement directly from the State of California. We are also able to view and verify the actual Certificates of Analysis, which adds an extra level of certainty.

I see you house both your own products and others. How are your products made, and where are they sourced from?

THC is the name of our own brand which launched last year, and THC-branded products are proudly offered alongside the brands you already know and love.

We are currently building out a cutting-edge indoor cultivation facility, so in the interim we have partnered with a well-known supplier of top-shelf cannabis in order to stock our shelves with our THC brand of products.

There’s no denying that many customers have their “go-to” products. By introducing THC, we’re offering a choice — premium brand quality at an incredible value – which we believe is great for the consumer.

Based on their feedback, we’ve delivered!

Can you explain a bit more about how your operation works? 

No one wants harsh vibes when ordering cannabis, so has made getting your weed delivered quick and easy. 

Order online with just a few clicks, or chat, call, text, or email us to place your order with one of our knowledgeable Customer Care experts. It’s like having your own concierge budtender!

If you need product suggestions, have any questions, or just want to chat, our team is always available and providing exceptional service is our main priority. 

What areas are you able to service, and at what price point? 

We service most of LA and Orange Counties. Minimum order is only $50 and there are zero delivery fees…ever!

What makes the Pineapple Express consumer delivery experience different?

We measure success by the smiles we put on our customers’ faces and we’ll always go the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied. 

That can mean amazing products at great prices, accurate on-demand, contactless delivery, or extraordinary customer care; but in the end it comes down to our team and their commitment to consumer experience.

If you’ve seen our celebrity “Debo Delivers” featured on TMZ, then you’ll know our delivery game is next level. You can also check out our Pineapple Pop-Up events around the city or find us mixing it up with Big Percy, Snoop Dogg, Mack 10, or Xzibit…anything to bring excitement and a good laugh to our customers. 

There are many places you can buy cannabis, but there’s only one Pineapple Express!

What is your consumer experience philosophy?

We believe that great customer experience is not just about the “what” but also the “how”. 

For us, we strive to exceed expectations across every customer contact. That extends from how many times the phone rings before it’s answered to how your driver greets you when they arrive. It’s how you feel at every moment of your experience from beginning to end.

To ensure we’re delivering (pun intended) on our promise of a great experience, our CX manager, Estefani, leads a very dedicated team of professionals who are trained properly on how to deliver it, and are invested in executing at the highest level.

To break it down…our philosophy is that when it comes to having an exceptional experience it’s only our customers’ opinion that matters. 

Can you tell me more about your team? 

We are firm believers that to deliver to Los Angeles and Orange County, we need to understand the needs and wants of the communities we serve.

That belief has led us to build out one of the most diverse teams possible — across race, gender, ethnicity, and background – and is one of our greatest strengths. We realize that not every person on our team is the same, but when we come together in a spirit of inclusion, we gain an appreciation and perspective that makes us stronger, more dedicated, and perform better than we could as individuals.

Cannabis has always been about bringing people together and our team is united by a common thread…deliver the best cannabis, at the best price, and do it on our customers’ timeline. 

To learn more about this exclusive service, or to get in on the goods yourself, visit

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