Otter PR Ranked #1 Public Relations Firm In The US

After only two years in business, Otter PR was able to quickly rise to the top of the charts with client-oriented strategies and outstanding media coverage and successes.

After just two years in business, Otter Public Relations has been ranked #1 public relations firm in the United States. The small but mighty agency began in co-founders Scott Bartnick and Dr. Jay Feldman’s apartment in 2019, just before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ve come a long way from that little apartment,” says Dr. Feldman. “Our team has grown to about 50 employees, we have two office locations now, and have helped clients from all over the world.”

With tenacity and grit, the two men had big dreams for this start up. Bartnick and Dr. Feldman are what you would call serial entrepreneurs, both fielding multiple other business ventures such as Bartnick’s TheFiveDayStartUp and Dr. Feldman’s Mentors Collective. Both have years of public relations, entrepreneur, and business experience under their belt, even though public relations was not where either of them thought their life would go. Bartnick, who holds a degree in industrial and systems engineering, and Dr. Feldman, who by his title you could guess, is a doctor of osteopathic medicine.

Creating any top ranked business is not a one (or two) man job, though. The Otter PR team now has over 50 employees with locations in Orlando, Florida and the Tampa Bay Area.

“It wasn’t easy getting this thing off the ground and the pandemic didn’t help. Thankfully, we were all able to work remotely anyways, so we were still able to grow in that time. We had to put in a lot of hard work, a lot of extra hours with a very, very small staff at first,” said Vice President, Colleen Falco, who has been with Otter PR since the beginning.

Through all that hard work, Otter PR has been able to elevate thought leaders and companies in their respective industries. Their clients have been featured in top-tier publications such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., TechCrunch, Fast Company, the New York Times, and many more. As well as landing successes with established television and radio placements, like CNN, CNBC, FOX, and NPR.

Clutch determines their rankings by specific market research, a rigorous screening process each PR company must go through, and a comprehensive rating criteria.

“Landing at number one on Clutch’s ranking of Top PR Firms in the US is no small feat. We’re very proud of this huge accomplishment for Otter,” Bartnick said. “It speaks to our passion and direction as we look forward to improving and growing better each day.”

Surely a growing public relations firm in 2022 doesn’t just handle public relations. At Otter PR, it’s just one of the many things on the menu. Clients have also come to Otter PR for their online reputation management services, digital marketing expertise, media training, and crisis communication management.

“Our team is made up of fantastic and talented publicists, writers, journalists, and marketers. We’re focused on providing the best service to our clients and are just as excited as they are when they succeed,” commented Dr. Feldman.

“It feels great to be ranked among the top, but we know we have a long way to go to be playing ball with so many other agencies that we look up to,” Bartnick said.

When asked where the duo sees Otter PR in five years they said they hope to still be at the top of the list, providing service that deserves to be at the top and expanding to new heights.

LA Weekly