What Is Ostarine?

Ostarine, or known by many as MK-2866, is an investigational SARM. SARMs, short for selective androgen receptor modulators, are a set of compounds with promising effects.

Many users prefer these SARMs over other performance enhancers such as AAS or prohormones because they’re said to have fewer adverse effects.

This compound is still undergoing further research; it’s been through several clinical studies but is still an investigational compound.

For this Ostarine article, we’ve gathered information from various sources, including the library of medicine (Pubmed) and diverse online user experiences.

The Benefits Of Ostarine

When we look at the experiences of those that have tried Ostarine, there are several benefits.

The main benefit is that this SARM can help enhance lean muscle growth. It’s also great for preserving muscle mass, which is why many use it during a cutting phase.

Many users also comment on the fact that it improves muscle conditioning and hardness. They claim that muscles seem to look fuller and harder during a cycle.

We’ve also come across a few users that found Ostarine to help them treat their injury. It seemed to speed up the healing process significantly and allowed them to get back in the gym faster.

It is less popular for bulking because SARMs such as LGD-4033 or RAD-140 are better for it. Therefore, many opt for those over MK-2866 when it comes to bulking and gaining size.

Let’s take a look at what dose this compound works the most effectively.

Ostarine Dosage Facts

Finding the right Ostarine dosage is essential. Based on anecdotal experiences and clinical data, we’ve gathered information regarding the most optimal dose.

You’ll see many use Ostarine at dosages of 10 to 30mg per day. With 10mg being the minimum and 30mg being the maximum dose.

Those new to MK-2866 will often start research with a relatively low dosage, typically 10mg per day. Those who have experience with SARMs generally tend to go for 20 to 30mg per day, which is the sweet spot.

We’ve noticed that for cutting, a low to moderate dosage is often used, and for bulking, a moderate to high dosage is applied.

It’s optional to start with just 10mg per day and gradually increase the dosage until you find the sweet spot. Click here to buy high-quality MK-2866 from a trustworthy source.

The Half-Life Of Ostarine

Ostarine, or MK-2866, has a half-life of roughly 24 hours, meaning dosing once per day is enough.

Ostarine Cycle Examples

Many users choose to research with Ostarine for their first cycle. The reason for selecting this SARM is because it’s a relatively mild yet effective one.

Based on our research, it doesn’t need an excessive amount to produce notable results. We’ve gone through many user experiences found online, and here’s what a typical ostarine cycle looks like:

  • Weeks 1-6 – 10-20mg/day (new)
  • Weeks 1-12 – 20-30mg/day (experienced)

The minimum cycle length is 6 weeks, whereas the maximum is 12 weeks. You’ll have to determine how long you want to research with MK-2866 depending on your goals.

Both these cycles have to be followed by post cycle therapy. Please note that the above two options are just examples.

When To Take Ostarine

You can take Ostarine at any time of the day – most take it in the morning with their first meal. Or, if you’d instead take it in the evenings, that works as well.

It has a long-half life of 24 hours, so you can take it every morning around the same time to maintain stable levels. But, make sure to take it around the same time every day.

Does Ostarine Cause Suppression?

Because Ostarine (MK-2866) is regarded as one of the more moderate SARMs, many users often think it won’t cause any hormonal suppression.

But, according to our research, Ostarine does cause significant testosterone suppression. We’ve seen logs where even users that researched with a low dosage felt suppression.

Your body will need assistance with recovering after your cycle has been finished. This tells us that a post cycle therapy is a must after taking ostarine. Even if you’re feeling okay after the cycle, your hormones could be a mess.

But don’t worry, we’re going to show you the best post cycle therapy for MK-2866 is; make sure to keep reading.

Using PCT After Ostarine

Now that we’ve told you that this SARM causes suppression, you’re going to need to know how to PCT after Ostarine.

What we’re about to explain to you is essential, as it’s going to determine how much muscle mass you can maintain after the Ostarine cycle is over.

The point of using a post cycle therapy (PCT) after your cycle is to help your body’s testosterone levels increase back to normal.

For this protocol, you’re going to need a potent product that helps recharge your hormones. For all our SARMs cycles, we take Rebirth by Huge Nutrition as our post cycle therapy.

When your cycle finishes, start taking Rebirth as your PCT the following day. Take it for four weeks, and you’ll have recovered perfectly fine. One bottle will probably be sufficient to help you recover, but it’s always a good idea to have a second one on hand.

If you don’t assist your body’s hormonal system with recovering, you may start to experience low testosterone symptoms.

Those symptoms include loss of muscle mass, fatigue, irritability, brain fog, and decreased libido. Symptoms you’re going to want to avoid at all costs.

Click here to visit the Rebirth PCT product page to learn more about the potent ingredients, user reviews, and more.

Ostarine (MK-2866) Side Effects

There’s a lot of debate on whether or not SARMs such as Ostarine can cause side effects. We’ve researched the data and user reviews to find out what there is to know.

First, Ostarine (MK-2866) seems to be well tolerated when we look at clinical studies. In these studies, several side effects have been experienced, which include headaches and back pain.

But, when we look at user reports, more and different types of side effects are experienced. Here’s a list of them:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Gyno
  • Water retention
  • Decreased libido
  • Testosterone suppression (Use Rebirth as your PCT)

As you can see, there’s quite a list of potential adverse effects one can run into when taking this compound. We can’t conclude that Ostarine (MK-2866) is safe to take since it is still under investigation, and there’s too little data to be entirely sure.

It’s important to note that product quality will play a massive role in this aspect. We’ve seen users who ended up having a bunk or contaminated product, leading to adverse effects.

Therefore, you must buy these compounds from a trusted and reputable source. Our recommendation would be to get them from Science.Bio, the largest SARMs vendor with third-party tests available.

How Long Does Ostarine Take To Work?

Once you’ve started the cycle, it takes about one to two weeks for Ostarine to begin working.

It’s different for everyone, but 1 to 2 weeks is a general guideline for when you should start to notice the first effects. Although this SARM isn’t as potent as RAD140, you will definitely notice when it starts working.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, product quality will play a role when it kicks in. If your product is underdosed, it can take longer to kick in.

If you do not notice any effects after two weeks into your MK-2866 cycle, there’s a high chance that your product isn’t authentic.

Ostarine And Cardarine Stack

We noticed that many users choose to run an ostarine and cardarine stack. This stack is extremely popular for those cutting since both these products have a lot of effects.

Ostarine is in the stack to build and preserve muscle mass, whereas cardarine helps burn fat and improve stamina. Combining these two pretty much makes up for a unique cutting stack, and many see drastic improvements from taking it.

If you’re interested in running a stack like this, make sure to get both these SARMs from Science.bio. They’re the only legitimate source left for these compounds; keep reading to find out why they’re considered the best.

Buy Ostarine From Trusted Sources

When searching the internet, you’ll find that there’s a large number of vendors that have ostarine for sale. But, not every vendor takes quality control seriously.

Strict quality control is essential because having a high-quality and tested product on hand will make a massive difference.

That means you’re going to need to buy Ostarine from a reliable company.

Click here to buy Ostarine from Science.Bio.

There’s only one company we fully trust when it comes to SARMs, and that’s Science.bio. These guys have excellent quality control, meaning you can buy products from them knowing it’s the real deal.

Sure, you’ll find cheaper sources out there, but is it worth taking the risk? For me, it isn’t – I instead buy Ostarine that has third-party testing available, knowing that it’s a pure and potent product.

The Bottom Line

We’ve shown you plenty of crucial information on Ostarine (MK-2866). If this compound has caught your attention, we advise carefully reading through our article to learn more about it.

Here are the highlights of our article:

  • Ostarine is a promising SARM that is still being studied.
  • It is known for increasing muscle mass, strength, and performance.
  • Reviews tell us that the best dosage is between 10 to 30mg per day.
  • A cycle lasts anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks, depending on goals.
  • MK-2866 suppresses testosterone; use Rebirth for four weeks as your post cycle therapy.
  • It does come with potential side effects such as headaches, back pain, gyno, fatigue, to name a few.
  • It takes a maximum of two weeks to work at full force.
  • Only buy from reputable vendors. Click here to purchase high-quality Ostarine.




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