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These days, you may have a great business model and products, but if you lack social proof, then you’re going to have difficulty succeeding over your competitors. A social media account has practically become an essential component of any business strategy. Most advertising and marketing efforts today are focusing on digital marketing, with social media marketing being the main focus. That’s because there are billions of people on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Oscar Barragan and Loudley Media Agency understand the importance of social media marketing, which is why they teamed up not too long ago. Oscar’s tremendous success in developing a 10 million follower network caught the eye of the founder of this LA-based media agency. It was soon clear that there was a lot to gain from partnering up.

At just 23 years old, Oscar is a relatively young social media expert and entrepreneur. However, his sheer determination to succeed in life is the fuel that drives him. It’s clear to see the results. In the past six months, Loudley has done 100+ million impressions and $3.5 million in revenue on Facebook alone. Ever since Oscar teamed up with this media agency, thousands of businesses have been helped with their social media pages. This meant increasing audiences on millions of followers altogether, leading to more leads and sales for those businesses.

Oscar’s foray into the world of social media was due to a bit of creative entrepreneurship. That’s because he didn’t have much money growing up. He saw social media as a low-cost way to make money. Finding success growing Instagram pages very quickly, he began receiving messages from others who wanted to get promoted. This started something he quickly realized would be his ticket to success. As a teen, his first dream was to get a sports car. After saving up enough money he made on Instagram, he ended up achieving that dream.

Oscar is now a seasoned social media marketing expert who has developed several popular Instagram pages that boast millions of followers. He has helped businesses grow and achieve a level of success that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

If there’s a formula for success, then Oscar’s got it. He boasts of being able to grow pages rapidly and organically in any niche. These include memes, models, automobiles, music, and entrepreneur niches. Of course, slight differences exist among each niche. However, Oscar can usually develop an account to the point where it has 100,000 real followers in just a couple of weeks.

Today, Oscar works largely with Loudley Media Agency, and plans on doing so for the foreseeable future. However, he’s also staying a prudent entrepreneur. Recently, Oscar has dipped his toes in the world of real estate. Having received his real estate license in California, he is looking to keep growing as an entrepreneur who is wisely diversified no matter what happens.

You can keep up with the latest from Oscar by following his Instagram page. You can also follow his TikTok, as well as Loudley Media Agency’s Instagram page.

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