Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Bal Raj Is Celebrities’ Go-To For Sports Injuries

A certified orthopedic surgeon both in the US and in Canada, Dr. Bal Raj, has helped hundreds of athletes and celebrities recover from many injuries. He started his humble medical practice 15 years ago in Beverly Hills when he was just beginning his journey in the field. Today, he has become the go-to orthopedic surgeon for some of the most famous celebrities and athletes globally. Athletes with injuries can be assured of the best treatment and advice from Dr. Raj.

Dr. Raj specializes in injuries incurred from playing different sports, such as baseball, tennis, baseball, American football, basketball, soccer, track and field, and many other highly physical games and activities. His clinic offers top-notch surgical and non-surgical procedures in treating different types of sports injuries. Dr. Raj also educates his clients about the value of protecting themselves while playing sports. He has done too manysurgeries in the past that he thought could be avoided.

In his many years in the medical field, Dr. Raj has worked with famous politicians, celebrities, athletes, and weekend warriors. Due to his amazing work, he has been endorsed by some of these famous people, like Brazilian MMA fighter Anderson Silva. Dr. Raj is also the resident medical consultant of the global cable channel ABC News. His exposure to the popular media has helped him reach more people.

Dr. Raj uses a variety of approaches in his procedures, but in most cases, he fuses eastern and western practices. His clients are pleased with his methods as they keep coming back to seek his services. Now, his unique practice has received the attention of many people from other parts of the world. He has worked with people outside the US and Canada because of his fine skills.

Apart from his technical expertise, Dr. Raj is also known for his excellent bedside manner. His desire to build a friendly connection with his patients is one of the reasons why they love and trust him. Dr. Raj uses the concierge approach effectively in checking the history of his patient’s injury as well. These humane qualities are awesome additions to the advanced technologies he offers his patients and clients.

Some of Dr. Raj’s other specialties include remedies for joint arthritis, anti-aging of joints, and using stem cell therapy in his procedures. His clinic pioneered the use of stem cell therapy coupled with both eastern and western practices in orthopedic

surgery. Dr. Raj has worked with famous celebrities like Vivica Fox, Kelsey Grammar, Charlie Sheen, Terrell Owens, Darius McCrary, and Logan Paul.

As he became the orthopedic surgeon to celebrities, Dr. Raj’s popularity soared on social media as word of his excellent work spread quickly. His Instagram page, which has over 43,000 followers, has been verified, and his TikTok account is also growing quickly. Dr. Raj hopes to help more people in the future, celebrity or not, and any interested individual can reach him through his website.

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