Origin Zero is a Revolutionary Brand Bridging Charity and Crypto

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Cryptocurrency and NFTs have continued to make headlines as people realize their potential, a trend that has seen so many revolutionary projects such as Origin Zero come up. Origin Zero is the first NFT that utilizes digital environments to help heal those in the physical world as they create more opportunities for investors and creators.

Their one-of-a-kind platform and diverse approach are helping them to stand out, making their NFT project unique and revolutionary. According to the team of creatives behind Origin Zero, their goal with their NFT is to develop an NFT that will bridge the gap between charity and crypto while making it easy for others to find their way in the NFT/crypto marketplace.

Origin Zero is taking NFT to the real world by teaching others more about NFTs and crypto and how they can benefit from them. To achieve this, they are building a solid community and bridging charity and crypto. Origin Zero currently holds the record for the second most generous project in regards to charitable donations, with their roadmap helping them to reach this far.

Rather than running their project like most in the industry, who follow a very similar cycle of selling their project and developing video games, Origin Zero’s focus is different. They are utilizing the mass amounts of money made through royalties’ sales in NFTs and creating an intricate and unique platform that streams profits into 15 index funds every month.

This is helping Origin Zero to build an ecosystem that benefits holders in their community while bridging charity and crypto. In the index fund (a category of charity such as mental health), Origin Zero has subdivided their index funds into several categories, assisting them in having different charities run together.

As users in the Origin Zero community buy or sell their NFT, trade royalties are made, which are put into a vault. This vault will then dispense the accumulated wealth equally among the mass number of charities in each index fund which will be channeled to the various courses in the world.

The team’s combined experience and vast knowledge in the crypto/NFT marketplaces are helping them in fulfilling their mission and building a revolutionary brand. Origin Zero’s team is made up of top names in the crypto world who have pioneered several NFT and crypto projects. They have also sold their art to prominent figures such as Post Malone, Paris Hilton, and renowned NBA players.

As NFTs continue to attract massive attention across the globe, Origin Zero is revolutionizing the NFT space. It is the first project that utilizes digital environments to help heal those in the physical world as they create equal opportunities for all. They are leading by example on how everyone in the crypto space can change the world for the better by helping others in the industry to also win.

In the coming months, the team explains that they are looking to develop the “norm” utilities in the NFT space, such as games, physical locations, etc. This will help them improve their royalties and create more opportunities for their holders.

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