Oren Dagan’s Crewzz is Revolutionizing the Digital Home Design Industry


Oren Dagan is passionate about providing nothing but superior service to his clients. He is the founder of Crewzz, a solution platform for homeowners and prospective buyers to formulate a dream room or home at a simple touch of the screen.

Dagan began his career in home-centric industries, primarily in construction, which prompted him to found SOD Home Group in 2008. In fact, he grew it to prominence during the recession that year, which helped him realize his dedication and hard work for his clients was paying off.

“I believe it’s because we provide something else, a different view, a different solution, that we are so successful,” Dagan said. “Customer service and quality first. We do what the customer wants and needs — not just what they want. Because people get confused when they say, ‘I want a kitchen remodel,’ because a kitchen remodel will look completely different for every person, family, or partnership. We want to make sure what you get is what is right for you.”

To put it simply, Crewzz is about creating a movement, a one-stop shop solution for people wanting to see their dream homes, rooms and other spaces come to life.


Crewzz: An Introduction

Crewzz is a groundbreaking, comprehensive and interactive design platform that operates as a one-stop shop for homeowners, sellers and buyers, alike, to fulfill all of their home design dreams. The technology allows users to predict, adjust and ultimately approve all areas of their design journeys, from the beginning to end. All the while, they can relax and watch it all come together, with peace of mind and confidence that the final product will be amazing.

“The goal at Crewzz is to provide homeowners with a roadmap to the design-building process. The design phase is the foundation of the Crewzz process. We take the clients’ needs and provide a solution. Anything they have in mind, we want to take the stress away and provide them that. Our No. 1 goal is that the client is stress free, has certainty and peace of mind,” Dagan mused. “Crewzz is a movement. We want to create a community to welcome homeowners to achieve their dream homes. For me, it’s all about the client experience. If you dream it, design it, build it, and I can help clients turn their dreams into a home, then I did my part.”

Crewzz: The Design Process

The program features three-different packages to meet client standards, providing superior customer service throughout the entire process. The packages are ‘Do It Myself’, ‘Do It With Me’, and ‘Do It For Me’, though all three include readily-available experts to provide guidance.

Along 14 unique and dedicated services, Crewzz allows clients to leapfrog an otherwise tedious and time-consuming process of outsourcing, funding and hiring. Instead, clients can utilize the interactive interface and execute via a simple approach on a computer screen. Services at Crewzz includes IT support, design and construction expert advice, purchasing assistance, logistical tips and DIY design advice and tips too.

“The first thing we do is set clients up with one of our design experts. We want to know them better, what their tastes and preferences are. Next, we upload their floor plans to our online platform so that our innovative software can bring their dreams to life. Everything in the software is an actual product that can be selected, replaced, and purchased. Anything seen in the design can be purchased. It’s a one-stop shop.”

As a result, project designers, engineers and even contractors will all collaborate with the client in offering a visualization of their new homes or rooms of their dreams.

People will soon have the solution in achieving their home and room design needs via a single platform. The future is now and both Dagan and Crewzz are accomplishing wonders. Crewzz will be launching on June 6th, 2022.

About Oren Dagan

Oren Dagan, CEO of Crewzz, has been in the home design world for over 15 years. He has designed and built hundreds of homes since the start of his career in 2003. Dagan is passionate about putting clients first. For more information, please visit: https://www.crewzz.com/

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