Options Snipers Academy: Get to Know the Traders Teaching Newbies Everything

For most of us, the world of trading stocks and options is a mystery. For generations, the thinking was that it was best left to the professionals. But a group of groundbreaking traders has joined forces with a plan to change those long-held beliefs.

These five men have been avid traders for years, as well as buddies. Following years of patiently answering friends’ questions about getting into the stock market, the group decided to do something that would level the playing field in opening an academy that would allow everyone to trade freely and create their own model for success.

Options Snipers, an operation that prides itself on creating a generation of financially and spiritually free traders, is tailored to teach stock traders of all levels.

Success in Teaching

The doors opened in 2020 in North Carolina. Among the skills that can be learned at the academy are, how to leverage large sums of money with limited capital, options trading, buying and selling contracts, taking advantage of discounted group shares, and crafting your own version of personal financial freedom.

In just a year, Options Snipers has empowered over 2,000 students to become self-sufficient traders. Additionally, they share tales of paying off debt, going into business for themselves, and getting their mojo back with something that truly works for them.

The academy’s collective profit has quickly reached $10 million, but for the founders – and the students – Options Snipers is about much more than a bank sum and that is in seeing improved quality of life for students, as well as the sense of community they find in a school that prides itself on leaving no one behind and celebrating each student’s accomplishments and milestones.

Options Snipers is garnering plenty of media accolades as well, having been featured on CBS, NBC, and Fox, over the last several months. 

About the Academy

From tools to coaching to educational resources, everything needed is available to students at this remote-learning academy and the five founders ensure a thorough understanding of trade stock options and how to execute them with precision.

Looking for hands-on trading? The school offers heart-racing live trading sessions during market hours, alongside specialized and customized trade signals for accounts of all sizes.

These founders love sharing knowledge that is often not available to the average trader – the real secrets the team wishes someone had told them when they were starting out.

The Options Snipers community welcomes traders of all levels, from seasoned high-income earners to those just starting out.

Meet The Team

Wasola (Wasi) Akinkuowo is considered the ‘glue of the group. His co-founders admire his ability to seemingly make money multiply as well as his kind nature that finds a seat at the trading table for everyone that wants to be there. This coach, trader, and serial entrepreneur wields an MBA in Business Administration, a BA in Information Systems, and is considered a crypto genius. He’s even co-written a children’s book titled, Stock Options Made Easy (for Kids).

Joshua Alufa is an ER nurse from North Carolina turned first-class trader, entrepreneur, and coach. With a sharp focus on excellence, responsibility, and persistence, he built an inspiring empire with the mission of setting people free from spiritual and financial bondage.

Mike Washington is a U.S. Marine turned police officer turned detective turned options trader turned empire builder. However, once he mastered trading, he turned in the actual sniper rifle to co-found Options Snipers. Breeding abundance mindsets is one of his greatest passions.

Wale Olawoyin is a born innovator. By 15, he could build his own computer and, soon after, graduated from Howard University with a BA in computer science. Though he went on to work as an award-winning filmmaker – even filming with Beyonce – his dream of financial independence and empowering students drove him to co-found Options Snipers.

Deji Adebayo is a serial entrepreneur with a high drive and passion for new challenges. In his free time Deji enjoys flying planes as he is working on his pilot license in the hopes of buying his own private jet.

These men banded together to make something that will last – a legacy of knowledge, community, and freedom. And after a stellar first year of operations, it seems that their idea was just what the public was looking for. 

About Options Snipers: Options Snipers is an Options Trading Training Academy that teaches how to buy and sell contracts at the right time to make maximum profits. The company has been featured on NBC, CBS and FOX News. Click here to join its community to learn how to better leverage your time and money: https://optionssnipers.com/

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