Copyright infringement has emerged as a crucial issue in the digital world. Content violation and encroachment of copyrighted works are becoming regular, greatly affecting the original content creators. It seems like there are no stringent measures to curb this practice despite many companies claiming to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) guidelines. Ava Bamby, a digital content creator, has dedicated herself to battle the widespread copyright infringement using all legal ways available.

Ava Bamby is an entrepreneur and a content creator with a massive social media following. She is a TikTokstar and has over 1.5 Million followers on the platform. Ava has also built herself as an influencer on Facebookand Instagram. She creates original content that has mass appeal and keeps her audience entertained. Apart from being a content creator, she is also a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), a public safety diver, and a licensed pilot.

Ava grew up with modeling and acting ambitions just like any other girl but ended up on a completely different path. She attended a strict military college where she managed the top honors in her class and graduated there years ago. Her military officer and government worker career did not last long as she abandoned the path and became a content creator. It was not an easy decision as she had to pay back tens of thousands of dollars for her scholarship due to her withdrawal.

She started her journey as a content creator by combining her interest in dance, cosplay, and acting. She grew from zero followers to one million followers in 30 days. She has since then dedicated herself full time to content creation and makes original photos and videos on her various social media accounts to entertain her fan base. Her ability to add a twist and surprise element to her videos makes her stand out in the industry. She spends countless hours coming up with new ideas, planning, storyboarding, filming, and editing her works to create unique videos. Her efforts are paying off as her followers can clearly distinguish her works from the rest while scrolling through their feed.

However, she has been a victim of copyright infringement throughout her career, inspiring her to start a company that uses technology to tackle the issue head-on. She acknowledges the existence of DMCA companies, but she can’t see anyone holding the infringers and leakers accountable. She has a first-hand experience of how painful it is to have your work copied and used without your permission.

She has developed a technology that will bring down digital copyright infringement and personal leaks and identify the culprits by tracking down the leak source. Through her company, Ava intends to partner with all relevant law enforcement worldwide to take criminal action against such culprits. This will involve pushing for government policy reviews to enhance digital content protection and curb widespread content infringement. Her objective is to bring a stop to such habits by showing that there are very severe consequences.

Her advice to fellow content creators is to focus on their fanbase and strive to keep them entertained. You will always have people hate you and your content but that should not stop you from doing what you do. Content violation will still be an issue but there is a lot of work being done to make copyright infringement punishable by law.

You can know more about Ava Bambby and her work on her official website.

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