Cannabis products are slowly legalizing across American states. The first was Colorado and Washington, which legalized cannabis for recreational use in 2012. Since then, many have followed suit. Oni Seed Co is a brand that did not need to be quick to the market or compete as their products offer premium quality and customer satisfaction.

Oni Seed Co established its cannabis business in 2017, soon after the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in California. They are a California-based company that is soon to expand across America.

Hence, more of America will soon be able to enjoy their unmatched product quality cannabis products and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Their flagship strain is known as Tropicana Cookies, which is unparalleled to any other strain in the local California market. They have been growers of this award-winning strain for a long time. Hence, the strain could only be enjoyed by them and citizens from nearby legal states.

But, since the legalization and transition into the legal market of California, they have been able to share the premium product with locals and the celebrity market. The flowers and famous strains from Oni Seed Co have been growing for years in their own spaces, but they are soon to expand and produce their beautiful products on a larger scale.

The celebrity customer base for cannabis in California is huge, which is useful for the brand’s promotion. With this promotion and unmatched products, the brand is on the road to more success. Soon, they hope to open a brand in Las Vegas, as well as coffee shops.

Who knows, maybe even European customers will soon be able to enjoy the unbeatable strains from Oni Seed Co. Their future looks bright and there’s hope for more customers to enjoy their strains soon.

LA Weekly