One Up Services: Pioneers of the FBM Automation Model

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Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) is a model of selling where the merchants control the entire handling of goods and the shipping process. One Up Services has automated this allowing their clients to utilize this method hands free. They use their resources and send items directly to the buyer instead of paying a service fee and shipping inventory to Amazon to process them. In short, they take total control of the entire process, from purchasing to shipping and receiving, while the client doesn’t even lift a finger.

The FBM technique is advantageous for the seller when items sold are exclusive to the seller’s shop. This will establish the credibility of the product and the online store.

Also, FBM comes in handy for small volume businesses when the shipping process does not become overwhelming and possibly affects the standard expected by Amazon and the customer.

Other advantages include more significant margins since the seller does not need to pay additional fees to Amazon. The brand building is more attainable, and there is no need to worry about any unavoidable losses due to policy changes at Amazon. There are also no unexpected costs as the merchant is aware of all finances throughout the process.

One Up Services is an e-commerce automation company that creates passive income online by harnessing the power of E-commerce stores through automation. It is based in Pompano Beach, Florida, with a warehouse and office in Jamaica as well. One Up Services is the originator of the FBM Automation model and offers its clients the unique ability to acquire already profitable Amazon stores. These stores can start cash flowing straight away and not have to wait to scale, unlike brand-new Amazon businesses, allowing them to be actual investors.

One Up Services is a pioneer in its field and the first business of its kind. Through their innovative FBM Automation model, they utilize the benefits of dropshipping by not holding inventory or purchasing products upfront and abiding by Amazon and Walmart’s terms of service by shipping in their boxes. “We do this by dropshipping to their warehouse, repackaging, and shipping out from there. This allows the client to not worry about getting stuck with inventory that doesn’t sell or even having to pay for it upfront, and it has revolutionized the E-commerce automation space as well,” the operations manager says.

One Up Services was founded in 2020 as a solution to the growing dropshipping violation problems many e-commerce sellers face on Amazon and Walmart platforms. Since its inception, the company has seen significant success. “We have launched Facebook marketplace automation, automating a business on the Facebook marketplace for clients. We were the first to offer FBM Automation and the acquisitions of already profitable and scaled Amazon stores for their clients. Moreover, we won the ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club Award for over $1M in sales in one year,” the company manager adds.

Owning an Amazon business managed by One Up Services puts you at the forefront of making a steady income stream with the least amount of work possible. Equally, you can own a business without having to work in it. The company currently has a thousand plus stores, 800 clients, and a team of 150+ employees committed to their clients and their overall success. They aim to get to 2000 clients and close it off to the public to focus on existing clients only in the next one to two years.

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