One-on-One with Vehid Abdullahi, the Millennial Businessman and Producer

Everyone who’s made it in life has an inspiring story behind their success. Unfortunately, the path toward success can be challenging. The only way to succeed is through believing in yourself, persistence, and hard work. Realizing your passions and desires are the first steps in achieving your goals, and being in the business arena does not mean you cannot also thrive in the entertainment industry. Vehid Abdullahi is a perfect example of excellence both in the business world and the entertainment industry.

Vehid is the CEO and founder of Palladium Payment Services, an online platform where people can register with minimal effort to make payments. Pallapay is the only payment solution in the Middle East that allows businesses around the globe to accept, process, and disburse crypto payments with its product suite. Often when people thrive in their academic careers, they tend to forget the passions they had at a young age and direct their energy to paths that they feel are financially rewarding. But this is not the case for Vehid. Despite his notable career achievements in the crypto space, he has continually worked toward his long-found passion for music and is a top music producer.

Vehid’s career in the music industry began at a very young age. He started his career by focusing on remixes and then moved on to compose original music productions. He has also been a music producer and produced supernatural, horror, crime, drama, and romantic drama films. Vehid has been acknowledged for being one of the music producers in “Riverdale” (2017), “After” (2019), “Quicksand” (2019), “Khosuf” (2021), and “Mortal Wound” (2021). Aside from this, he has also achieved remarkable career accomplishments in this industry and received the Taqdeer Award from His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Crown Prince of Dubai.

An exceptionally dedicated professional in many industries, Vehid has had to juggle different careers. In most cases, time management and teamwork are skills that, if adequately put into action, can help you run several businesses efficiently. However, time management is challenging, especially with multiple businesses, which is something Vehid had to overcome. “It was an aspect of my busy life that I underestimated the significance of. Now that I am in the workforce, I continue to use the skills I have gained, and I am always trying to improve on them,” shared Vehid. “Finally, I’ve gathered a great team who help me manage some of my work when I am on other job sites,” he added.

A multitalented millenial, Vehid believes that good things don’t come easy in life and that luck can only get you so far. “If you want to have a good life with a successful career, emotional satisfaction, and trustworthy friends, you have to work hard,” says Vehid. Additionally, we are all unique, and what resonates with you may not resonate with everyone else. Therefore, to achieve your goal, you have to devote yourself entirely to whatever you choose to do because no one else is going to fight your battles with the same vigor. Vehid emphasizes that you must work hard to have a good and successful life.

Without a doubt, you can realize your visions when you remain consistent and challenge yourself to keep soaring. In the next 10 years, Vehid aspires to be one of the top music producers who will change the music industry.

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