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The Diaz Brothers are and have been synonymous with both mixed martial arts and cannabis for almost two decades now. Nick was one of the only professional athletes to speak openly and proudly about his cannabis use at a time where athletes hid it in fear of losing endorsements and Nate was famously the catalyst for CBD being made legal in all professional sports and the USADA change is now dubbed the ‘Nate Diaz Rule’ by UFC brass after he smoked a CBD vape pen after UFC 202. 

Nick and Nate have always been outspoken, true to themselves and real top level athletes, subsequently accruing enormous followings and die hard fans along the way. They are known for their toughness and incredible fights as well as doing things their way. Two of the main aspects setting them apart from other martial artists is their choice to consume mainly plant-based diets and using triathlons for training and endurance, and many have since followed their lead. Is there a better duo out there to create a plant-based wellness brand focused on CBD? We think not.. 

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Founded in 2018 and based out of the fight capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada, GAME UP® Nutrition offers products that promote mental and physical health from natural remedies made by Nature. GAME UP® states on their website that they know the best possible nutrient options come directly from the Earth and believe a safe and effective herbal alternative exists for most nutritional goals and even the treatment of most ailments. Their products are produced sustainably in the USA, are third party tested for quality and accuracy and their promise is only to offer the very best and most effective plant-based products possible.

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GAME UP® Nutrition offers an array of products to choose from with a plethora of CBD options including top shelf hemp flower that rivals the best cannabis in look, taste and smell, a variety of CBD oil tinctures containing different cannabinoids like CBD, CBG & CBN, CBD-infused edibles and CBD topicals for pain and athletic recovery. They’ve also stayed ahead of the curve offering 7 strains of functional mushroom tinctures including lion’s mane, cordyceps, reishi, turkey tail, shiitake, chaga and maitake, with each strain offering a different set of benefits to their customers. They even offer a few non-CBD health products including a daily Greens Superfood powder and ashwagandha gummies. 

GAME UP®’s products have received many great reviews on their website, Google and Facebook and after 4 years in business we’d say they’ve done more than a few things right. Recently CBD review website CBD Oracle reviewed 15 celebrity-owned CBD brands and GAME UP® received the highest rating out of the bunch for offering such a variety of tested, very competitively priced products.

GAME UP® Nutrition offers affordable, top-quality wellness products made from Nature including CBD, adaptogens, functional mushrooms and superfoods. Visit their website to give their products a try. They are currently running a 25% off sale until December 31st which can be claimed by using code 2022 at checkout.


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