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The One & Done Workout is a brief workout program created by Meredith Shirk, sold online through OneAndDoneWorkouts.com. By purchasing it, you buy digital access to the workout guide for $37, then follow along.

The idea behind the One & Done Workout is that you can achieve powerful benefits with just a few minutes of exercise per day.

Some people spend hours at the gym without losing weight or achieving benefits. Others run for hours without burning fat.

According to Meredith Shirk, her One & Done Workout turns on your body’s fat-burning capability with just a few minutes of activity per day.

Meredith Shirk shares the One & Done Workout through a video presentation and sales page. After buying the program online, you receive immediate access to the digital products, including videos, guides, eBooks, and other materials.

Is the One & Done Workout program effective? How does the One & Done Workout work? Find out everything you need to know about the One & Done Workout today in our review.

How Does the One & Done Workout Work?

The One & Done Workout emphasizes short, daily workouts. Instead of torturing yourself with extended workouts and spending hours at the gym, you can enjoy powerful results with just 7 minutes of hard exercise per day.

According to Meredith Shirk and the Svelte Training team, 7 minutes is all you need to enjoy powerful health and fitness benefits. After a few weeks of training for 7 minutes per day, you can lose weight, support cardiovascular health, and enjoy other benefits when done right.

Many Meredith’s recommended One & Done Workouts are based on the SIT principle or Sprint Interval Training. Here’s how Sprint Interval Training (SIT) works:

  • Give 20 seconds of your best effort (say, by sprinting)
  • Rest for 2 minutes
  • Repeat

To be clear, Meredith doesn’t require you to actually “run” or “sprint” to complete Sprint Interval Training workouts. She needs you to give maximum effort for 20 seconds – no matter what type of workout you’re doing. You can cycle hard for 20 minutes, for example, or lift weights.

In the One & Done Workout program package, you can discover Meredith’s best and most recommended workouts for sprint interval training.

Essentially, Meredith’s strategy is based on high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT. HIIT has been extremely trendy in recent years, and growing evidence supports the use of HIIT for weight loss, cardiovascular health, fat burning, and other benefits.

What makes the One & Done Workout different from other HIIT workouts? Here’s how Meredith Shirk explains it:

“The One and Done Workout is a unique type of high-intensity workout where you give as much effort as you possibly can for 20 seconds and only 20 seconds. You start with a warm-up…then you put forth your best effort for 20 seconds only. You follow that by an active recovery period that allows your heart and muscles to calm down before reaching their limits. Then you do it again – for just 20 seconds.”

By repeating this workout several times, you get a 7-minute workout. You get the intensity of a longer workout packed into a 7-minute session. That means powerful benefits without extended time at the gym.

According to Meredith Shirk, each 7-minute workout activates metabolic multipliers, fat-burning hormones, and other beneficial forces inside your body:

“Each time you do a 20-second interval, you activate your metabolic multipliers and prepare your body to burn fat hard for at least 24 hours and up a possible 48 hours in some people.”

The workout sounds intense, but it’s ideal for people of all levels. It doesn’t matter how hard your maximum intensity is – as long as you’re working out at your maximum intensity for a 20-second period. Over time, your maximum intensity could become stronger as you get into better shape. However, you can start doing the One & Done Workout regardless of your fitness level.

One & Done Workout Benefits

According to Meredith Shirk and the Svelte Training team, you can enjoy all of the following benefits by following the One & Done Workout program:

Sleep better at night. When you’re physically active, you tend to fall asleep and stay asleep more easily than someone who is sedentary. You’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated in the morning after following the One & Done Workout.

Stronger muscles. The One & Done Workout purportedly gives you tighter butt and thigh muscles and a stronger core.

Improved metabolism. The One & Done Workout claims to increase the rate at which your body burns calories, improving your metabolism and helping with weight loss.

More flexibility and a greater range of motion. The One & Done Workout purportedly “pull more oxygen into your muscles,” helping your muscles stay flexible and strong.

Lose weight faster and more easily. The One & Done Workout will purportedly cause weight to “melt off” your body with just 7 minutes of hard exercise per day.

Greater confidence. Like any good workout program, the One & Done Workout claims to improve your confidence. By taking control of your health and fitness, you can get full control of your health and fitness.

What’s Included with the One & Done Workout?

The One & Done Workout includes everything you need to start following the One & Done Workout program. Users will receive guides, videos, and instruction manuals explaining exactly how to perform all high-intensity interval workouts.

Here’s what you get with your purchase:

  • 14 days of following along with Sprint Interval Training (SIT) workout combinations.
  • Detailed “demo” videos to ensure perfect form.
  • In-depth exercise combination instruction manual
  • Access to a members-only dashboard
  • 10-Day Done For You Keto Restart Meal Plan eBook
  • 101 Detoxifying Red & Green Smoothie Recipes eBook

Scientific Evidence for the One & Done Workout

There’s plenty of evidence supporting the use of high-intensity interval training. The One & Done Workout sales page cites several studies supporting the use of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and spring interval training (SIT). HIIT and SIT are very similar to one another, and most studies use the two terms interchangeably.

This 2019 study published in the World Journal of Cardiology found that high-intensity interval training and spring interval training led to powerful health benefits, particularly in cardiovascular health. People who engaged in aerobic HIIT and SIT tended to have better cardiovascular health:

“For general health and primary and secondary cardiovascular prevention, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been recognized as an efficient exercise protocol with short exercise sessions.”

Is training for 7 minutes per day really better than training for 70 minutes per day? Is HIIT or SIT comparable to extended cardio sessions?

Researchers at the University of New Mexico sought to answer that question in this study. Researchers analyzed the body’s response to HIIT and continuous exercise. Researchers concluded that HIIT led to similar and often better improvements in a short period of time compared to lengthy, continuous exercise:

“For years, continuous aerobic exercise has been the chosen method to achieve these goals. However, research shows that HIIT leads to similar and in some cases better improvements in shorter periods of time with some physiological markers.”

Based on this analysis, researchers recommended incorporating HIIT into a client’s cardiovascular training to help with weight loss and cardiovascular health.

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Do the benefits of HIIT and SIT last long term? Or are they just short-lived benefits?

In 2016, researchers analyzed the effects of sprint interval training (SIT) over a 12-week period. Researchers told participants to engage in continuous exercise or SIT. Participants performed 1 minute of intense exercise within a 10 minute time period (SIT) or 50 minutes of continuous exercise. After 12 weeks, researchers found that the two groups had similar improvements to cardiovascular health and endurance training – even though one group spent just 10 minutes exercising and the other group spent 50 minutes exercising.

In most of these studies, researchers advocated for a combination approach. It would help if you did not exclusively do continuous exercise, nor should you exclusively do HIIT exercise. By mixing your workouts, you can enjoy the benefits of each.

Overall, HIIT and SIT have been repeatedly proven effective in numerous studies, and it’s possible that 7 minutes of hard exercise per day could deliver similar benefits to extended cardio sessions.

One & Done Workout Pricing

The One & Done Workout is priced at $37.

You can buy the program online today through OneAndDoneWorkouts.com or SvelteTraining.net. Because the program is entirely digital, you receive instant access to the One & Done Workout, including ebooks, videos, and other materials.

Sometimes, the sales page displays a price of $29. Try refreshing or pressing the back button to access the $29 price.

One & Done Workout Refund Policy

The One & Done Workout comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can request a complete refund within 60 days with no questions asked.

Just contact Svelte Media within the 60-day window to request a refund. Since the One & Done Workout is a digital product, you do not need to return anything to qualify for the refund.

About Meredith Shirk and Svelte Media

The One & Done Workout Program is led by Meredith Shirk and the Svelte Media / Svelte Training team. Meredith Shirk is a personal trainer with a presence on YouTube and Instagram, where she shares workout tips similar to the One & Done Workout.

You can contact the makers of the One & Done Workout Program via the following:

Phone: (317) 662-2322

Mailing Address: 319 Clematis, Suite 1004, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Final Word

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) and sprint interval training (SIT) are workout programs that allow you to enjoy powerful benefits in shorter amounts of time. With the One & Done Workout, you can work out for 7 minutes per day while enjoying the benefits of longer workouts.

HIIT and SIT are backed by increasing evidence. The One & Done Workout program teaches you how to perform these movements and maximize the effectiveness of your workout program. To learn more, visit the official One & Done workout program.

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