Oh, Canada!

Regarding Megan Feldman’s “Gimme Shelter: U.S. Military Deserters Once Again Flock to Canada to Avoid Iraq War” (March 13):

Thank you so much for this important article! It really touched my heart to learn about what these people are going through. Canada, let them stay!

Comment by Avijah, L.A.


The Iraq war is a disastrous mistake, but I still find myself feeling very little empathy for the young soldiers interviewed here. The Canadian government is unlikely to offer much assistance, since it has its own troops fighting and dying in that benighted part of the world. Perhaps these AWOL soldiers would find more self-respect (and the understanding of their families and peers) if they returned to the U.S. and accepted whatever prison time they were given. That was the path taken by Muhammad Ali and Elijah Muhammad, and I think the public respected them for accepting the consequences of their choices. Finally, for soldier Rivera, why does she not go to Mexico or Honduras, where her husband has family ties? How much worse could it be compared to her minimum-wage existence in small-town Texas?

Comment by Anon, L.A.


I have to say Megan Feldman’s attempt to make the readers feel sorry for Kim Rivera is blatant and wrong. Let’s look at the realities of this story: You have a couple who have failed to educate themselves, so that they can get jobs, but have lived off their parents while continuing to reproduce children. You have a woman who seems a tad bit on the unstable side, and chooses extreme measures. For example, throwing appliances out of the window, enlisting in the military, going AWOL, aligning herself with draft dodgers, and speaking against her country.

Kim Rivera does not deserve our sympathy, but a good kick in the pants. This is not a kid, but a 26-year-old mother of three, who is in the process of teaching her children to mooch off others, blame others for your decisions, when it gets tough don’t only run, but do it illegally, and if you make a commitment, who cares?

The actions of Rivera reveal a spoiled woman who will do anything for herself regardless of the consequences. The Army should not imprison her, because I don’t want my tax dollars to pay for her upkeep.

Comment by Delores Williams, L.A.


Overcoming the Grim Sleeper

Regarding Christine Pelisek’s “Grim Sleeper’s Sole Survivor” (March 13):

Wow, what a story! When is the movie? I just hope that since it is only two years from this guy’s last murder, citizens and law-enforcement officials keep a huge eye on this lady. I’m afraid she would be too easy for this guy to find, and thus eliminate his last witness. Hopefully those responsible for this have taken her safety (and her son’s) into consideration and are making provisions for it. Shame on all law enforcement responsible for dropping the ball in so many ways for so long. May those near to her protect her at all costs.

Comment by Dean Stanley, Carbondale, Illinois


Excellent article, and I want to say that Ms. Margette is amazing. What a strong woman! I hope some day soon the killer will be caught.

Comment by MM, Chicago


Incredible lady. Her son is quite fortunate to be here — and to have her near. This story is not over, she’s gonna be famous, and rightfully so.

Comment by Dell


The Vows of Life

Regarding Patrick Range McDonald’s “New Gay-Marriage War Coming to California” (March 13):

For equal rights protection to be determined by majority referendum puts our legal system back 100 years. Antiquity has never been a source for the truth. That is why things are challenged and why things changed because of those challenges. If the justices appear to be irritated, it’s because of their being put in a position of having to make either a very unpopular decision or legally a very stupid one.

Comment by John R, Atlanta


So, what happens if the Supremes uphold Prop. 8 and simply tell the Legislature to change the wording to “civil unions,” basically leaving the term “marriage” to the religious zealots? What then?

Comment by JJ, Sunnyvale


Where Have All the Comics Gone?

I used to look forward to Thursdays every week, because I knew that meant I would see a new set of my favorite comics in the Weekly. Tony Millionaire, Kaz and Lynda Barry were my reasons for picking up the paper. These days I usually don’t bother reading. PLEASE bring back the comics, and bring them back for good.

Comment by Chris Bulock, Pasadena


Comics are one of the main reasons I pick up the Weekly. While I’m sure you’re facing the same severe business issues that are impacting all newspapers, removing content and offering readers an inferior product will only lead to a continued decline in quality and readership. I urge you to take whatever steps are possible to keep the vibrant mix of stories and comics that make the Weekly so appealing.

Comment by Jeff Baskin, Eagle Rock


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