On Cleared Murder Suspect Herbie Gonzalez
I am having all my students read [“Cleared Murder Suspect Herbie Gonzalez Is Still Dogged by Sheriffs,” by Paul Teetor, Dec. 30] so that they are aware of what is going on in society! Put the video games down, read and educate yourself.

Posted by Arthur L., L.A.


There is no excuse for the way the [Sheriff’s] Department handled Herbert’s case. Their refusal to own the blatant mistake that they made is “a crime.” An innocent man stands scarred and misunderstood … true justice is in order. Stand strong, Herbert.

Posted by Keith B., Phoenix, AZ


This is exactly why I am going to law school! I want to defend innocent people from the bad cops. When did we ever think we will need protection from the cops? Where are we headed?

Posted by Arturo Gomez, L.A.


[The detective’s statement] “You can’t cry over spilt milk” is a pretty lax phrase when it pertains to a man’s reputation, personal safety, living accommodations, ability for gainful employment, morale — not to mention being separated from loved ones and the permanent stigma of [appearing on] America’s Most Wanted. It would be one thing if there were evidence to maintain this vigilant pursuit, but it’s merely a case of salvaging a victory in the public eye at an innocent man’s expense. So much for liberty and justice for all, or [presumed] innocent until proven guilty. The worst part goes beyond his Miranda rights being read as an afterthought, the coerced confession, or being detained over 165 days: There is still no exoneration! Imagine if it were you — the world as you know it got turned upside down, people forever looked at you differently because of a lingering suspicion, and you struggled to financially support yourself because someone cast a dark cloud over your head and no one wanted to take a chance with you. Now imagine if that someone just said, Suck it up and deal with it; after all, it’s just “spilt milk.” Milk just became a lot more valuable to me; I don’t want any spilled on my account.

Posted by Greg, Phoenix, AZ


Billboards are an L.A. tradition and should be respected as folk art. I remember driving the Sunset Strip to see the huge animated billboards. Digital billboards are a legitimate part of L.A.’s bright future.

Posted by Richard Davidson, L.A.


With regard to Patrick Range McDonald’s article on the “11 Percent Mayor” [“Villaraigosa, the All About Me Mayor, Is Still 11 Percent There,” Dec. 30], a better idea for the new year would be [for him] to forfeit his position, save the city some money (or at least prorate his pay to 11 percent) and thus let the excellent L.A. City Council [take on the] remaining part of running the city. Hopefully, in the near future, one of these fine individuals will step up, run for mayor and give the job the 100 percent needed and deserved by the people of Los Angeles.

Posted by M.J. Parker, L.A.


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