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Re “Should L.A. City Council Agree to Slash Its $178,789 Salaries?” by Paul Teetor (April 17):

Considering the fact that the city of Los Angeles is facing a $500 million deficit, leading from the front of the line by taking a 10 percent across-the-board cut in salaries is a minimal sacrifice considering just how bloated and overpaid L.A. City Council is.

Maybe if the city did not dole out nearly $400 million in overtime last year, where some 1,500 employees earned an additional $50,000 in O.T. payments, no one would need to be given a pink slip.

The city is so poorly managed, and the infusion of any federal dollars will only mask the problem further in future budgets.

Comment by Nick Antonicello from Venice Beach


[This is] not exactly an attempt to paint a balanced view but [is] more like the right-wing a.m. screamers who further incite the faction of the public that believes anyone in public service is evil by definition. What a sad message to send to our young people as they contemplate careers. Sure, some become ensnared in the trappings, and we’ve seen some well-publicized cases recently, but this kind of broad bias does a disservice to us all and ensures that only the worst and those who can’t get better-paying jobs will take up public service. We also want the best and the brightest.

Comment by Steve from L.A.


Kicking Jan Perry

Re “Jan Perry’s Grand Avenue Conflict,” by Tibby Rothman (April 17):

Jan Perry has done nothing to improve the quality of life in South L.A. neighborhoods. All one has to do is look at the filthy neighborhoods — dirty yards, sidewalks crowded with unlicensed and illegal vendors selling food and everything they can haul out of other people’s trash.

Much of this is within sight of one of her offices on Broadway and 47th. I don’t even think the people living over there know who she is, because she’s never in this neighborhood unless she has to show up at the King Day parade and wave.

She is USELESS to us po folks of South L.A. She has forgotten those who helped to put her in that overpaid position.

Comment by ABS from L.A.


This is one of the dumbest articles I’ve read in L.A. Weekly. City Council members are supposed to work to improve their districts. That’s the job. Every action which noticeably improves the district will increase property values in that district.

It’s Jan Perry’s job to improve her district. I bet a halfhearted effort could turn up many things that Perry does wrong as a council member, but pushing for a park and development isn’t one of them. This is a cynical style of fake populism that L.A. Weekly has been doing too much of lately.

Comment by ml



In the April 15 L.A. Weekly article “Jan Perry’s Grand Avenue Conflict,” the name of Van Nuys Neighborhood Council member Penny Meyer was misspelled as Myer.

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