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Marketing has become an all-inclusive way to communicate and deliver value to customers. Over the years marketing has evolved from only promoting products to creating value for companies and brands. With the advancement in the digital space and technology, marketing trends have diversified into different forms.

While some advertisers target making an impression on consumers, others may want consumers to take action. With these changing and growing preferences, different methods of marketing like CPA, PPC, CPM, etc have become the norm these days. Among them, CPA is the most popular method for advertisers to reach their prospective customers. Omar Alagha has mastered the art of CPA marketing and is acting as a bridge between advertisers and ad publishers.

How CPA works?

CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Unlike PPC (Pay Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions), CPA is a more result-oriented online advertising campaign. With CPA, the advertiser pays the publisher only when an action is made on the advertisement like registration or sales. Sales can be in the form of opting for free trials or buying any product. Registration includes signing up on the company or brand website which can be counted as a lead, and thereby improving chances of getting a sale from the registrant in the near future.

Why Advertisers Prefer CPA over PPC or CPM?

CPA is a more popular method of online advertising when compared to PPC and CPM. The prime reason behind this is that the method is more result-oriented as the result of the advertising campaign can be extremely beneficial for the advertiser. Moreover, CPA eliminates fake clicks that are common in online PPC advertising where the advertiser ends up paying for the campaign without getting a positive return.

In the CPM form of advertising, the impression is generally calculated based on the number of views the ads receive. These are usually not highly interested customers since there is a possibility due to the nature of these ads, that the customer/visitor visited a webpage for other reasons and the ad simply popped up on the webpage. Since the visitor had spent a minimum amount of time on the webpage, a view is automatically counted for the ad even though it doesn’t add any value to the brand.

CPA advertising is completely based on the action of the consumer or prospective consumer of the brand which actually helps to create value for the brand.

How CPA Advertisers Find a Publisher

A publisher can be a search engine like Google or other affiliate networks or even individual companies who deal with similar content as the advertiser’s brand. With similar content, these website creators understand that their visitors may be interested in the similar product/service offering of the advertiser.

CPA advertisers or brands strike a deal with the publisher websites with certain payment terms. For instance, a fixed amount will be decided for every new registration received or every 100 registrations received from the advertisements. In the same way, an amount is decided for every purchase made from the advertisement. With search engines like Google, there are standard rates for registration and purchase on the CPA programs they offer.

How Omar Alagha Benefits Advertisers and Content Creators?

Omar Algha works acts as a middleman to connect advertisers to the appropriate content creators and thus enable working out a mutually beneficial deal. His efforts have proved beneficial for both publishers and brands by serving their interests. Influencers like him are making CPA advertising work better for brands and publishers.

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