Omar Al Ashi’s startup ‘Urent’ enables all vehicle rentals companies in UAE to operate digitally as a host on his platform

Urent enables vehicle rentals companies to operate fully online and remotely without having an office in place.

Launched in February 2019 by University of Toronto Alumni Omar Al Ashi, the genesis of Urent can be traced back to the singular realization by the founder on the dearth of demanded vehicles and vehicle-rentals being a challenge in Dubai. Urent has become a key matchmaker between Hosts and Renters, and is on a mission to build a trusted ecosystem where car owners can become hosts and earn a sustainable source of income through Urent. Not only that, but the company has also launched its recommended vehicles section on the app, enabling users to see vehicle recommendations across cars, bikes, yachts, scooters, bikes, etc., that can be rented from within the app.

“One of the most daring steps would have to be launching our P2P car-sharing platform in 2019 before the pandemic. During the pandemic, we were all working from home and all the mammoth planning and implementation that went into making Urent a success was done remotely. This was perhaps the first P2P car-sharing platform launched and scaled entirely remotely in the history of the Emirates.”

Since commencing operations in April 2019, till this date, Urent has garnered a customer-base of over 44,000 registered users, with over 4,000+ completed trips and 130% growth Month-over-Month.

“Basically Urent is like the Airbnb of cars,” One of the urent hosts said. Who runs a successful car rental business in Dubai.

He rents his cars on Urent, a peer-to-peer car rental company.

It all started a few months ago.

“I was working from home at the time and I was like, ‘my car was just sitting in my driveway,’ and I said ‘let me try sharing this to the public,” he added.

Now, he has over 24 cars for rent on a lot in Dubai.

For more updates, follow Urent on Instagram @urent and CEO @omar.alashi

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